October 2000 Event
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    Chesapeake Meet
 By Jim Jones

An antique motorcycle meet means different things to different people. The parts that interest me are: the trip to and from the meet, the chance to meet and talk with people, the party, and of course the chance to look at bikes, baskets and parts for my projects.

I visited the meet on two different days, but did not camp there. This undoubtedly caused me to miss most of the party. The trip was made once in a van, and the second day on a small modern bike. Other than the chance to respond to comments like  “Did you ride the girl’s bike again?”, “Nice scooter, where’s the pedals?” and “Do you have to get off and push it up the hills?” there was not much of interest about the trip.

So what’s left is the bikes on display, and a few people I saw there.

The meet was large enough for variety (if you like Harley and Indian, with some Henderson and a smattering of other stuff thrown in for flavoring), yet small enough to cover in a few hours. Food and beverages were sold on the premises.

Bdeah Bdeah Bdeah… that’s all folks!

Ken Smith sold me a generator for my Sport Scout last year. He was there with his Velocette

This made my eyes bug out

Robin talking about Indian motocycles!

If I owned this, I’d probably have to get a vanity plate that said FN AYE!

Ed wanted me to have a King Clutch for my Vertical, but I might pay him anyway!

Here’s a nice 741

Click on pictures for full size

The swap area

Very nice surroundings

Vertical Four!

Chief with overhead valves and homemade cylinders. If this sort of thing interests you, have a look here!

This Sport Scout racer looked interesting. Vertical front end, 741 rear, Sport Scout front. Magneto and no generator bracket, no provisions for a generator drive in the primary

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