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   Prints of Parts and Parts of Prints...
   By Dave Clements
Because of all the trouble that Lyle had getting these prints into a format that works for the net -And how disappointed he was that we couldn't do a totally faithful correct size print -And one message I got about not being able to do a pattern from one of our prints -I am going to go over what these prints are and are not again.

1) They cannot be as dimensionally correct as the drawings that they were taken from. The multiple conversions take their toll.

2) If you need to make a pattern from these, or dimension from the drawing, write me off list and I will sent the original files, usually DWG or DFX but ocasionally DGN. They have to be printed from the program that they were created on or a fully compatable clone to be dimensionally correct. 

3) The written dimensions are as correct as we can make them and you should be able to build the parts by laying out the dimensions as you would any other not to scale drawing.
4) The low resulation of some of these prints is a result of the various freeware, shareware and demos I am using. This could be corrected if someone who can afford to blow about $3000.00 on a conversion program would volunteer for my high paying job.

5) So far we have managed to only use original parts so there is the possibility of some wear or damage induced error. If it doesn't make sense let us know.

6) Some of the color and shading is lost in the conversion.  

7) If there is enough need for prints that can be used by a pattern Laser, plasma, watercutter, torch or other copying or digital device, we would consider putting the orginal files online. Untill then write me and if I don't respond write again, my server and my equipment are a little unreliable.  

8) If we didnt specify, assume that all castings are cast steel, and all steel parts are mild steel, either 1010 or 1020. 

Enough ranting. Lyle did a clutch pedal, but still no 640 rear section as I haven't been able to get decent conversions of DGN drawings yet.
VI Blueprints so far F/N
Clutch pedal, Chief
Cylinder base gasket, SS/Warpath
Petcock mounting boss
Engine plates, Sport Scout, front
Engine plates, Sport Scout, rear
Engine plates, 1910-13
Footboard rail, right hand, 741
Footboard rail, left & right hand, 640
Brake pedal bushing
Crash bar spacer
Front fork main frame, 640
(main print + details)
-I'll look up the numbers for next time... Moen
Wanna print the prints? Look here...

Click on pictures for full size

Chief Clutch Pedal

Template, before bending

Top view: Bends and pivot bolt etc


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