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   On The Warpath
  By Lyle Landstrom

Although a few prototype castings have been completed, there is still plenty of work ahead. Making a few castings is one thing, making a lot of consistent castings is another. The individual castings and work needed yet is summarized as follows:

Case Castings
Currently, the prototype right case casting is finished and has been sent to Rick Abbott. This was sent next day air (thanks Rick) and was at the Davenport meet. This casting is heavier than the original and also retains the cylinder base baffles because the intention is for use on a street bike as well as a race bike. Cotten took a picture of it alongside Bob W's original Big Base cases and from the picture, I can see I need to incorporate spot face bosses in a couple of locations. This is not a big deal for me. The pattern is an aluminum casting which lends itself to easy modification. One area of concern for me is frame clearance in the motor mount area's. These cases are about 1/8" bigger all the way around the base flange than stock cases. This was for increased thickness and pattern draft to facilitate casting. If there is a clearance problem, this area can be reduced because as it turns out, the pattern draft was not as big a problem as I expected.

My next step is to pattern the left side case. Currently the drawings for the pattern parts are nearing completion. Actual pattern work will start within the next couple of weeks. I do not expect the left side to take as long as there is not near as much detail (no cam stuff, or compound inner surface) as there was on the right side case. The biggest feature on the right case is the enlarged boss for the drive shaft on the race version. The street version will have the normal Sport Scout sized boss. This will be accomplished with either a pattern sleeve which fits over the normal sized pattern boss. Or two interchangeable pattern bosses. Either way will be far stronger than stock due to the increased material around the base of the boss.

When the left side pattern is finished. I'll cast up a few sets (both sides) and send off the Abbott Machining for their evaluation.

Click on pictures for full size

Prototype case at Davenport.

Aluminum case pattern is easy to modify and will last long.

Inner Primary Casting
Rick Abbott has written a CNC program, built the fixturing jig, and machined the first casting. He is ready for production. Now that I know the pattern is dimensionally accurate, I will build the pattern follow board as the first casting was coped out by hand. The inner primary casting is by far the hardest casting to make. Building the follow board will eliminate much of the hand work needed to make the mold and will make this casting as easy to make as any other. I also need to resin cast the original wood pattern so it will last for years. The original is made out of wood and it won't last very long due to the humidity and temperature variations at my shop. I realized this before I made the case patterns and therefore made them out of aluminum. Rick and I have decided to remove the current logo from this casting. I will replace it with the Warpath logo in future castings. 

Outer Primary Casting
This pattern for this is on loan to me. The pattern is made out of resin and aluminum. I've been making this casting for a few years and am ready to produce any number of them. If the Warpath thing gets going, I might need to consider making an outer cover with a different logo or perhaps no logo at all.

Cam Cover Pattern
This pattern has been cast about 5 times and is in various peoples hands being machined (I think) In the meantime, I've cleaned it up a little and am going to make a resin copy of it and perhaps mount it on a match plate. It does match up pretty good with the Warpath case pattern.

Magneto Opening Cover
These patterns are in two versions, both about 90% complete. A plain version and finned Warpath logo version. These patterns are so simple that I haven't spent much time on them lately.

Other Patterns
Because the cam cover is made for the aluminum oil pump. I can see a need to make this part. I will consider this when the time comes. One thing, I'm not going to tear my Chief apart any more so I can make stuff from it. I'll have to come up with another oil pump cover to pattern off of. I have also hinted at a 4-speed transmission casting and possibly OHV head castings. The tranny and head castings are a ways off. Currently, they are just conceptual. I do have some of the work for the heads modeled on the computer.

Prototype inner primary.

Unmachined outer primary.

Cam cover casting story here.

For an up to date overview of the Warpath project, check out the monthly Warpath page in the Network section of the VI.

The biggest bottleneck in my foundry operation is processing the sand. I have a large muller about 1/3 completed. This would have been finished by now but I'm too dang busy writing these articles. Perhaps it will be finished before winter. One word of caution for you DIY'ers, don't ever open your mouth about what your up to. 

As you can see, much progress has been made on the Warpath. However a great deal of work still lies ahead. Rick Abbott and myself have talked a little about pricing and distribution. Although currently we have no formal agreement, we do both agree that once all the patterns are finished and ready for production we will sit down and talk. This has taken us a serious amount of time and commitment with more to come. It is in everyone's interest that there be a formal agreement. Obviously, if one wants machined ready to go castings, they will have to go through Rick Abbott.

This brings up another question. Who will be the first to build one of these? And go, On The Warpath!...


Well.... I, for one, have started gathering the other parts needed for a Warpath motor... Moen

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