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  By Moen

Have you checked out the theme pages in the VI archives? They date mostly from before the VI became a 'magazine', but there's some good info there. Among it: Indian bearing info, Indian cams, application charts for some of Ed Glasgow's Indian bolt kits, flywheel theory, Indian tools, oil pumps & filters, Qua clutch, rust(!), and sirens from Michael Breeding. Check it out on the main Archives page -where you'll also find all of the magazine articles indexed by subject.

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VI Archives

(Sometimes?) VI Lister Carl Sorenson's Apopka Indian of Apopka, Florida has a website with only hints about what they can do for us. Apart from being the new East Coast distributor for the Chief Overdrive four-speed transmission, Apopka also has a lot of NOS Indian parts. Contact details on the website, so go there and talk to Carl if you think he can help you.

Apopka Indian
The Dixie Chapter of the AMCA must be one of the newest (formed in November 1997), but they have a nice website. Not fully developed yet, not many of the AMCA Chapter sites are ;-) but looking good. If you are in South Carolina or Georgia and into Indians (or other old bikes), this is definitely worth checking out.

Dixie AMCA
One of the more flamboyant characters on the Indian scene must definitely be Indian Larry. Chopper builder, artist, stunt man -and one the heroes of Tim's chopper columns here on the VI! He's got a new website, and even if I couldn't get some of the pictures to load, and even if there isn't a whole lot of Indian stuff, it seems quite interesting. The website is dedicated (very dedicated...) to Indian Larry. Read all about him!

Indian Larry
This month's gearhead site is Performance Coatings of WA. If you have ever wondered what modern coatings of engine parts could do for your Indian, this is a good place to start looking. Not particularly motorcycle oriented, but the principles apply. Among other interesting coatings, I stumbled over one for cast iron exhaust manifolds; might be worth investigating for Indian cylinders? There's all sorts of thermal barrier and dry film lube stuff too and great tech info.

Performance Coatings
Randall "Rand" Montgomery has a website with a pretty provocative name (copyright-wise...), and it is big and gaudily colored and slow loading, but there's much good info there. In particular on the page called "modifieds". Among the goodies here is a Canadian racing Scout with Norton footshift trans and telescopic forks. Not for everyone, I guess, but I can't help wonder if this is what a 1950's Sport Scout could have been... Randall also does custom bike drawings and is willing to sell his designs, but I won't go into that...

Rand's Site
R Lee Lyons has a most interesting site. Especially if you are into the historical side of Indians -and in particular Indian racing. He is writing a book on American racing 1945-50 (and is taking orders...) + he has databases covering the 2850 AMA club races run in that period. Also magazine article databases and other interesting stuff, as well as profiles of the great riders of the time (available for a fee). I find it a little hard to figure all of it out, but if you are interested, there's contact details on the site.

American Racing 1940-45
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