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As Jim Jones wrote last month, it costs money to run the magazine. Ideally we might want to reach a point where we just put in our time and the magazine sort of covers its own expenses, but without running (annoying!) "banner ads" it's a little hard to see how this could happen (and it is doubtful if these banner ads would bring any significant income anyway). So there'll probably be more fund raisers like the T-shirts in the future. Possibly also more "affiliate" programs like the links from the book page, as these are a neat way for anyone to make a few bucks for the VI doing something they would have done anyway (buying Indian books in this case).

The T-shirts are sold out for now. Thanks to everyone who bought one! They netted $560.75 for the VI after Jim got his seed money back.

As a new initiative, Stan Jessup is donating his sign-up fees from the nifty PayPal credit card "portal" to the VI. There's already $15 on the VI PayPal account. Thanks Stan! PayPal is a free, secure, fast and easy way of paying over the web with cards. You get a $5 bonus when signing up, and so does the VI! You can use it for eBay, paying your bills, sending money to someone -and to buy yourself a new KING clutch or cool neon sign from Stan's site! Check it out.

The account is at $16.98 as of September 15. Thanks to those who bought their Indian books by clicking on the links!

The book page has been updated with cover shots, a few more reviews (keep 'em coming!) and direct links to from most of the books. By clicking these links you can read reviews at amazon, check availability and, well, buy a copy... The prices at are often 10-20% lower than RRP.

All support income will be listed on this page, just so you can keep tabs on how wealthy the VI gets. Hopefully the exact expenses will appear here soon, too.  If the income should exceed (or even approach...) the expenses, a VI Development Fund will be created for surplus wealth. 

Click on pic to go to last month's "Support" page with details of VI expenses and T-shirt fund raiser.

Need an Indian neon sign? Or a KING clutch?? Check out Stan's site!

PayPal info here!

Indian books? Click here for the VI Books Page.

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