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  Davenport Races
   By Rob Olsen
One of the major events at the Davenport meet are the Friday night races. They have an excellent facility including a grandstand and oval dirt track. It was my goal to get down into the pits but no one seemed to know how to get there or even how to get a ticket. So we found a seat and looked forward to the show getting as close to the track as possible for a few good shots. 

To view an event such as this gives you different perspective on motorcycle racing. Like a time machine, it thrusts you back to a time when full throttle racers flew around tracks made from boards, crouched down to become a part of the machine just to gain that little bit of extra speed by cutting down on the resistance to the wind, heads up hugging the gas tanks they roared by us with open pipes, some smoking and chugging, adjusting as they go. The leader of the pack straining to get a glimpse of where his rival is, and the pour it to her look on their faces tells you that to them, this is serious business. 

But I think that it is more than just winning. Its a victory of putting an old piece of iron back on the track where it belongs. Its a commitment to the rebuilding skills a the fix for the addiction to speed and the joy of the tuners art. They just want to squeeze just one more ounce of power out of their machines, gain an edge and the sweet smell of victory. I think they are just plain having a blast of a time. Rounding the corners kicks up the dust and dirt, side by side pressing each other almost unaware of the possible danger of connecting with each other at 80 plus miles per hour. But to them must seem like straight ahead focus looking for the short line to the checkered flag.

Here's a brief race report straight from Jim: Won the board track again, would have been a good one but the guy that was running with me lost a tire. It was Rusty Lowry of GMA fame on a Harley 8 valve and we where having fun.  Disapointed with the Scout came in 6th, felt like I was going backwards. Fooled with the cam timing to much as it plain sucked power wise. Will run it on the dyno again for a baseline and switch things back to the way they where. Oh well next year I guess.

Full story on Jim's 1928 boardtrack racer here!

Jim Wall has been racing vintage bikes since 1989, mostly on dirt tracks, and has frequently ended up in the winners' circle. Jim also won the boardtrack race at Davenport last year. Before taking up Indian racing, Jim was an MX racer. There's a Laconia Scout (vertical) waiting at the back of the Wall garage. Expect to see Jim race on pavement when this bike is done.

Jim has been writing a number of "Racer's Corner" articles for the VI, mainly concerning how to go about wringing more speed, handling and reliability from his hot Sport Scout (pic to the right). Click here for more:
Factory 648 Racing Instructions All about Indian Cams
Intro to Sport Scout Racers Factory Racing Tanks
Strengthening 741 Rear Frames Narrowing 741 Forks

Click on pictures for full size

VI's own Fasst Jim Wall wins on his boardtracker again! More below. Pic by Stan Jessup

Full Race Results Below!

Going all-out! Pic by Stan Jessup

Sidecars raced too. Pic by Stan Jessup

Jim Wall going outside Larry Semler on the HD to take the lead -and eventually the win in the boardtrack, experienced class.

Jim's Sport Scout racer on which he placed 6th in the handshift amateur class. Expect a full feature on this bike soon...

Davenport 2000 Race results:
Thanks to Joe Riley of the AMCA Chief Blackhawk Chapter and to Jim Wall for filling in some details. The races are sponsored by J&P Cycles.
Classic 250
 1. Mike Connell
 2. John Bova
 3. Pierce Thorpe
 4. Jim Paden Jr.
 5. Bob Smith
 6. Steven Thomas
 7. M. Clary
 8. Tom Boyd
Vintage 600
 1. George Mack
 2. Bill Snyder
 3. Bill Couvelis
 4. Tim Hopkins
 5. Steve Brinke
 6. Steve Choplin
 6. Dave Wills
 7. Tim Swain
 1. Craig Brekon
 2. George Wills
 3. Robert Litten
 4. Bill Berger
 5. Rusty Lowry
 6. Gordon Menzie
 7. Jim Paden
 8. Gary Oakford
Vintage Open Twins Amateur
 1. George Mack
 2. Bill Snyder
 3. Steve Boggs
 4. Leo Jovanovic
 5. Don Flesher
 6. Ron Leeman
 7. Tom Bussey
 8. Jeff Coffman
Boardtrack Novice
 1. Dale Gammell, Waverly?
 2. Jerry Capa, HD
 3. Frank Westfall, Henderson
 4. Wayne Albertson, HD
 5. Mike Terry, HD
 6. George Manue, HD
 7. Dave Ohrt, HD
 8. Jim Goettsche, HD
Boardtrack Experienced
 1. Jim Wall, Indian
 2. Jerry Chin, Indian
 3. Gene Baron, HD 
 4. Ken Schneider, Indian
 5. George Quinn, HD
 6. Mike Lange, HD
 7. Rusty Lowry, HD
Handshift Pro
 1. George Wills, HD
 2. Bernie Breece
     (Indian I think, Jim)
 3. Blake Wilson, Indian
 4. Booker Poirier, Indian
 Handshift Amateur
 1. Al McRoberts, HD
 2. Leo Jovanovic, Indian
 3. Dennis Clark, HD
 4. Brian Haenlein, HD
 5. John Hoos, HD
 6. Jim Wall, Indian
 7. Cliff Eckes
     (HD 47 Daytona + 50 & 51)
 8. Ronnie Doty, HD
 1. Kenny Thomas
 2. Hugh Flemming
 3. Larry Gillespie
 4. Alvin Knapp
 5. Bud Denny
 6. Ray Stearns
Vintage Open Twins Pro
 1. Kenton Longcor
 2. Matt George
 3. Jim George
 4. Roger Johnson
 5. Mickey Green
 6. Dave Coats

Frank Westfall, Henderson. Pic by Stan Jessup

Riding them like they were meant to... Pic by Stan Jessup

The pack roaring 'round the corner.
Pic by Stan Jessup

When was the last time you saw an OHV Waverly single racing full-bore? Pic by Stan Jessup

More Davenport Racing Pix by Mark Dowis!

Handshift Amateur racers eyeing each other on the line...

-Kicking the dirt, looking for traction..

-And away! These old bikes ain't slow...

Handshift Pro racers lining up... Bernie Breece and George Wills (I think)

Ready... -See the results above!

Click on pictures for full size

Wanna go racing? HD (sorry) boardtracker for sale. You can also build your own 741/Sport Scout racer. Check out part one of Craig Cate's "741 Racer or Hot Sreet Stroker" series in this issue.
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