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Century Ride Home
By Steve Adams

There has been a lot of interest in the The Century Ride Home on the mailing List recently, and while we are waiting for an updated 'Ride' website, here's the latest info.

Leave SoCal June 29 arrive in Springfield, MA on July 13th. We are planning a swap and show (for the general public) on Saturday, July 14th with Sunday an open day for those who wish to attend Indian Day at the Museum.

June 29: Laughlin, NV (cheap rooms on the Colorado River)

June 30: Gallup, NM

July 1: Amarillo, TX

July 2: Tulsa, AZ (with a stop at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, OK). Sponsor of the day: Indian Motorcycle, Tulsa

July 3: Springfield, MO (we will travel through Branson, MO for those Country Western show fans)

July 4: St.Louis, MO  (we will celebrate July 4th here, PARTY!)

July 5: Mt. Vernon, IL. Sponsor of the day: Wheels through Time Museum.

July 6 & 7: Columbus, OH (with a day spent at the AMA's Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum)

July  8: Cumberland, MD

July 9 & 10: York, PA (with a free day to visit HD factory and Bob's Indian Sales - the oldest surviving Indian dealer)

July 11: Binghamton, NY

July 12: Albany, NY

July 13: Springfield, MA (concert-barbecue for the riders and their support crew - closed to the general public)

We will be staying off the major highways where possible (although through the Southwest, it will be tough). We will have our Freightliner set up as a mobile repair vehicle, with at least two mechanics on board.

All motorcycle brands welcome to join, Indians up front! Also, you can join up on the run at any major stop.

All proceeds from this run will be going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's charity. 

Still some openings for sponsorships... We are now offering "Day Sponsorships" for the more regional sponsor -more bang for your buck! Contact me for details.

If you would like an entry form, e-mail us at: We will have our own web site up later this year (October).

Any other questions, e-mail me or call me  909.780.5400

Hope to see you all on the run,


Century Ride Home logo (to be confirmed).

All proceeds from this run will be going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's charity.

Welcome aboard, David!
We got our first rider payment for the Century Ride: David Hinshaw 
from Oshkosh, WI!  

Practical Details.

We are currently addressing the lodging "problem" by trying to find a chain (or chains) that would trade sponsorship for room discounts. We will offer a couple of packages:

'A': Will be the basic $500 entry fee ($700 with a passenger), where you get entry, shirt, ride pin, patch and more.

'B'  Where we provide the rooms reserved, so all you have to do is arrive at the stopover, drop your bike off and trudge on up to your room (estimate cost $2,500).

Most will provide lodging for themselves (campgrounds, RVs, Motels, etc) and that is fine. For those who do not want the headaches, we can do the work for you (we also hope to have a list of motels/hotels that will provide discounted rooms soon). 

Transportation of the bikes (from east to west coast, or vice versa) is also being addressed, including overseas shipping. Security will be provided at all overnight stops, and we will also be taking at least two trained mechanics (for the American v-twin stuff), plus several chase vehicles will be there to support us along the way. We will not leave anyone behind! 

For any other questions, comments, helpful hints, e-mail me at:

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