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I find the progress of the KING clutch pretty amazing! From the initial announcement on these pages a few months ago it has gone from strength to strength, and in fact it seems to have become sort of a new standard for replacement clutch plates for Indians. While this is no doubt due to its superior quality and reasonable price, it also says something about how the VI Network can help new manufacturers of Indian parts get the word out on their stuff, as well as help with test feedback etc. If you have a new 'KING clutch' idea, you are welcome to write the VI about it! We'll do our best to support any new parts that can make life easier for Indian riders out there. Moen.

OK, so here's this month's KING News!

  • New Dealers! Kiwi Indian Parts sign on as new distributor. Walker Machine and Alabama Indian Restoration are new dealers. Full dealer list below.
  • New Models! Chief, Sport Scout, 741 and 101 + Henderson and HD in stock (not really Indians, but maybe someone here has one of these bikes too?). Vertical Scouts and Indian Four ready any day now! -More below.
  • Updated prices! US and European prices below. Prices in other parts of the world (which may vary due to shipping and taxes/customs) will be listed soon.
  • Product info, pictures and links to more info in the right column if you scroll down the page.

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KING fiber and steel plates for Chiefs, Sport Scouts and 101s.

KING goes to Davenport.
Full story here!

KING Distributors and Dealers Worldwide
Distributor (USA)
Kiwi Indian Parts, Riveside, CA
click for website -->
Ed Glasgow, Tully, NY
click for website -->
Walker Machine, Brookfield, MA
click for website -->
Yellow Spear Restoration. Richard Ollhof, W5424 Taylor Street, Merrill, WI 54452. Phone 715-536-8649 
Alabama Indian Restorations, Tarrant, AL No email?
click for website -->
Stan Jessup, Salem, OR
click for website -->
The Shop, Ventura, CA
click for website -->
Distributor (Europe)
Mat Elvenkemper, Duisburg, Germany
Website soon!
Juergen Mattern, Leutenbach, Germany
click for website -->
C47 Engineering, Bronshoj, Denmark
(mail order in Scandinavia)
Website soon!
Distributor (Australia)
Parker Indian, Ashwood, Victoria
click for website -->
Distributor (New Zealand)
Paul Hanes, Horotiu, New Zealand

North American Contacts (tech info, dealer inquiries, etc)

Rob Olsen, Parry Sound, Ontario

Terry Duffy, Kirkersville, OH

Official KING Website soon!
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Kiwi Indian new KING distributor!

Mike "Kiwi" Tomas says:

Kiwi Indian is happy to be a distributor of such a fine product, the KING clutch. To date our testing has shown it to be an exceptional product plus it is nice to offer a product that meets or exceeds our high quality standards. We hear of products all of the time that people make promises of but never live up to anything. This is not one of those products. The Indian clutch always left much to be desired and this seems to be just the fix plus its a reasonable priced item to our customers. 
Mike Tomas

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In areas with no dealers, please contact the distributor for more info or mail order sales (click on blue links for email and pix for websites).

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How do Indian Riders like their KING clutches?
Tester Feedback here

Is it hard to install?
How to fit the KING clutch here

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KING Product Info:

KING fiber plates are precision die-cut 6061-T6 aluminum, tumbled and acid etched, with high grade Kevlar linings bonded on under heat and 40 tons of pressure, which molds the oil grooves as well. Tough aluminum core ensures that clutch studs are not damaged.

KING Steel Plates have a textured surface to aid in engagement and release (no suction effect like OEM plates). Rockwell hardness is matched to Indian clutch hubs to make sure hubs don't wear, and that plates are more durable than OEM.

KING springs are double ground to the correct dimensions and heat treated to set spring tension.


The KING Clutch Range (so far...)

Kit 1: 8 Kevlar fiber plates for Chief, Sport Scout, 741 and 101
Kit 2: As Kit 1 but includes 6 steel plates and 16 springs. All you need.
Kit 3: Indian Four Coming soon!
Kit 4: Vertical Scouts 149/249, Kevlar fiber plates. Coming soon!
Kit 5: Henderson Fours. 
Kit 6: HD BT, 1941-84, replacement kit: 5 Kevlar fiber plates, 4 steels.
Kit 7: HD BT, 1941-84, performance kit: 6 Kevlar, 5 steels, 10 springs.

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Henderson Kit. The coming Indian Four Kits will be very similar.
US Retail Prices
(+ shipping and sales tax where applicable)
Kit 1: Fiber plates for Chief, SS, 741 and 101 $100.00
Kit 2: Complete kits for Chief, SS, 741 and 101 $140.00
Kit 3: Indian Four, complete kit Coming soon!
Kit 4: Vertical Scouts 149/249, fiber plates Coming soon!
Kit 5: Henderson Fours, complete kit $215.00*
Kit 6: HD BT, 1941-84, 5 fiber and 4 steel $85.00
Kit 7: HD BT, 1941-84, 6 fiber, 4 steel, 10 springs $110.00
*Updated December 2000. Rob Olsen says: We have had to raise the price on the Henderson kits due to heat treating and additional material. I redesigned the outer plate to its maximum fit to increase surface area. So retail price will be $215.00US  

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Click on pictures for full size

HD Kit (Sorry, I didn't have any new Indian Kit pix! Moen)

European Retail Prices
-Are the same as above, but local sales tax will be added. Shipping and COD carges may also apply. All in all the same as for the US market, only some of the rates in Europe may be higher -but that doesn't mean your friendly local KING dealer is ripping you off! :-)

In short: Euro prices are = US prices + local sales tax.

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Want a KING neon sign to brighten up your life?

Check Stan Jessup's site.

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