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Chief Overdrive 4-speed trans update.

Mark Hanlon, the designer and manufacturer of these very nice new transmissions (they made a very favorable impression with Cotten at the Davenport meet) writes:

We have just put together the first two production transmissions. Both will be mounted into test bikes, one on the west coast a 53 Chief and the other in Florida on a 49 chief. The plan is to put 2-5000 miles on the trans before releasing the production transmissions to the public. The first lot is twenty units, minus the two for production testing and two units already sold. Leaving 16 unit for sale and delivery at the end of September. 

Note the use of double bearings on the input and out put shafts (cross section drawing to the right of here) and the use of needle roller bearings for clutch and output gear hubs and the lay shaft. These will reduce friction heating, and dramatically enhance load capacity and reliability. In addition it is easy to see how we have facilitated the easy removal of the clutch with out having to go inside the trans each time to tighten that *#&#%*% nut. 

Once this trans works we have been requested to make a three to four speed trans for the Scout and the 101. At this time we need to stay focused on the Chief trans and get them out and into full production. 

Lastly we have also started making the finest OEM trans cases on the market. They are fabricated from a new casting pattern we made. The material is A356-T6 Aluminum and CNC machined to tighter tolerances than stock, resulting in a cleaner stronger case for your stock three speed trans. List price on the Overdrive is $5000 with a deposit on $2500 on all orders, balance due prior to shipping, UPS Ground shipping included in North America. List price on the OEM Cases is $650. We can ship these on demand now. Contact the distributors  to purchase units. 

Group orders of ten units or more can be purchased direct from the factory at a discount.  Call for pricing and delivery. 

(An item for the Buyers' Club?? Maybe more manufacturers could offer something like this? We could talk about it on the mailing list? Moen)

Click on pictures for full size

Chief Overdrive 4-speed trans details

More info and pix here!

Chief Overdrive website:

West Coast distributor:
The Shop
6541 Ventura Boulevard
Ventura, CA  93003
(805) 650-6777

East Coast & Mid West:
Apopka Indian Parts
2083 Tamarack Trail
Apopka, FL  32703
(407) 788-0484

New Sidecar Bodies from Denmark.

Yeah, well, Denmark is probably not the first country you think of when the question of new Indian parts pop up, but with the formation of the Danish Indian Club we are working on changing that...

Like everywhere else there are lots of both Indian enthusiasts and skilled craftspersons here and being a nice compact little country, the club should be able to make a difference as far as connecting some of these people, resulting in new Indian parts getting made.

First off the mark is Danish Indian Club member Kurt Lassen, who is having these good-looking 1940-up sidecar bodies made. Being faithful replicas, they come with brackets and seat backrest installed.

Kurt doesn't have email yet, so send your inquiries to Moen who will pass them on.

Price is expected to be below $1500.00 at the current exchange rate. Packing and worldwide shipping at cost. Ask about delivery.

Shorts (No, not new Indian Underwear! Just brief news items...)

Bonneville Scout Valve Lifts. The first batch of Matt Willkinson's bonne lifts will be ready for the Chesapeake AMCA Chapter meet in Jefferson PA on October 6.  Nine out of the ten sets initially made are still available, and the price will be $200-250. These are exhaust lifts only, as the Bonneville Scouts use the regular intake lifts. They fit 741, Sport Scout and 101. More about Matt's lifts (and a ton of other parts!) on the Buyers' Club page.

VI Parts in Denmark. As some readers may know, the editor runs a small old-bike business on his day off. While he has been a little apprehensive about mixing business and pleasure, he has decided to take on KING clutches and Duff's neat Moto Valves to help out Danish and Scandinavian Indian riders. Prices are the same as in the US, but unfortunately our high local sales tax and the frightening current exchange rate means 'imported goods' are becoming something of a luxury. Still, prices are not higher than if you imported the stuff yourself, and you can count on fasst delivery (mail order in the whole of sunny Scandinavia!). Contact Moen on his business address He may also be able to help with other parts.

Warpath Frame. Tom Keene is working on a rigid Scout frame to house any Scout or Warpath based engine and Scout transmission. The frame will probably be adaptable to various wheels and forks for both economy and 'performance' projects, as well as Indian parts for a fairly 'authentic' look. Expect more next month.

Warpath Gaskets. Cylinder base gaskets for Sport Scout, 741 and Warpath engines are being made by James Gaskets from drawings provided by the VI Blueprint Team. These will be the usual hi-tech James Gaskets style with a graphite coated steel center and rubber beading for sealing. Very cool stuff. Other gaskets will possibly be made too. More as it happens.

Click on blue text links for more info.

Moto Valve. $40 from your local dealer

Moto options. More info

Gasket (click to see more)

Stan's Stuff.

VI mainstay Stan Jessup got himself a new website (in case anyone missed it!) :-) Apart from the full range of KING clutches, which Stan decided to become a dealer for after trying a set in one of his Indians, you can buy extremely cool Indian (and other marques) neon signs on Stan's site. 

Stan sends mail order and uses the neat PayPal secure credit card service for you to send money over the www (link to PayPal on Stan's site). Besides being free, easy, fast and totally secure, PayPal pays everybody who signs up from Stan's site $5! And Stan is donating the $5 he gets from every new PayPal signee to the VI to help with expenses!

You can also buy Moto Valves and Wisco replica batteries from Stan's site. Motos are $40 and the batteries $80. Shipping extra.

Neon sign! (click to go to Stan's site for more info)

Wisco replica battery (click to go to Stan's site for more info)

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