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  Jane McMillan-Kologiski
 By Moen

As 2544 (last time I checked the counter) of you have found out there are some pretty good Indian drawings available from Jane in Florida. I'm probably responsible for 50 of those "hits" as I went to her site a lot of times to look at, not only the Indian drawings before buying one of each, but also the great period photos and the cool junk art!

Jane McMillan-Kologiski is a self-taught artist and has (sort of) Indian blood in her veins; her grandfather was an Indian dealer/hillclimber in Charleston, IL. Jane and her husband are currently saving for their first Indian (riding Guzzis, BSAs and Triumphs in the meantime), and Jane's brother has a very nice collection of Indians - among them a very rare 1941 Chief three-wheeler military prototype (using parts from a 1937 Plymouth in the transmission) and, judging from the photo to the right of here, one of the coolest Chief bobbers I have seen in a long time.

So far there are three prints of Indian drawings in Jane's portfolio, as well as a couple of non-Indian ones (BSA and Moto Guzzi). All are printed on 80 pound acid free archival paper (very classy!), and cost only US$15 + $4 shipping inside the US. International shipping charges by request; it isn't expensive, though. My three prints cost just $5 for air mail to Denmark, rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. 

Custom drawings, from your photos, are now available. Contact Jane for prices and time at or phone 1-727-525-6109. Mailing address: Bird at the Wheel, 4925 44th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709.

More info on Jane's website:

Click on pictures for full size

Erle 'Pop' Armstrong.

Laconia races 1941. The date was recently confirmed by Mike Baer (yes, grandson of Butch Baer!). This drawing is from a photo by Jimmy Slater, who worked at the factory.

Cool bobber and rare Traffic Car.

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