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   KING goes to Davenport
By Rob Olsen

The long trek to the Davenport meet turned out to be one of the hottest weekends I can remember. But of course I'm from the North and not used to that much humidity. There was a moderately steady crowd, with the attraction of the Friday night races. There seemed to be no end of vendors and not enough time to even dig in all the boxes to look for that elusive part and a deal of a lifetime. In fact 2 trips around turns up more stuff the eye never caught the first time. Like a treasure hunt, with hopes of antique gold, and when you find it keeping the poker face to not reveal just how desperate you need that part to the owner. Ah then there is the NOS find. The one where you know that all you can do his to hope that you can dicker down a bit, but know darn well that it will cause you to pull out that wallet and start counting. But what a prize. 

So the long trip to Ohio to pick up Duff gave me lots of time to reflect on what I forgot to bring and what I may find when I get there, and looking forward to meeting more of the VI'ers. Making good time and arriving at Duff's place I was greeted with his Chief proudly parked in the garage with no one around! Ya he must have left the garage door opened so I could take her out for a ride, I thought to myself, probably not, as the reality sunk in. 

The next day we loaded up the truck and began another long drive heading to Iowa. Loaded up with KING clutch parts, and new things to show, we were anticipating meeting Ed Glasgow, with his Indian bolts and a KING dealer and the opportunity to meet Stan Jessup who was flying in to Chicago and meeting us to lend a hand at the KING booth. 

Jim Parker was also there but I didn't have the opportunity to meet him as when he did get around to coming to the booth I think my arms were buried in a box of parts somewhere on the grounds digging for gold. Now Stan is quite a guy, I can tell many stories about him but for fear of the ramifications of the wrath of Stan I'd best keep quiet. But I can tell you he has a great big sense of humor and is an absolute pleasure to talk to. 

At the meet Duff and I were unveiling the new line of KING clutch products for the HD's and the clutch kits for the Henderson's. We were not able to get the Indian 4 kits ready as time just ran out on us. We had hoped to have the Vertical kits there as well but again time was not on our side. The research and development of new products eats time and money. 

Check out this page for details, pix and prices for the new KING kits, as well as more about the new KING dealers!

The KING booth attracted new dealers that weekend such as Alabama Indian Restoration owned by Jim Crocker, and Randy Walker who heads up the 101 club, as well as Walker Machine.

KING clutch would also like to make the announcement  that Kiwi Indian has been appointed as a master distributor of KING clutch components. Mike has taken on the KING line as he also believes that KING clutch has made a contribution to the quality of the Indian motorcycle, to improve the ridability and overall enjoyment of the sport. 

Rob Olsen and Terry Duffy would like to take this opportunity to welcome aboard these new dealers as we believe they are some of the finest examples of people dedicated to the production and restoration of the Indian motorcycle in the world. 

KING clutch is in development of other new products for the future, Terry and I are continually working on new designs and other models. The KING booth was well attended at the meet and many of the VI'ers made a special effort to visit and introduce themselves. We really appreciate the support and thank each one of you who did stop by. We hope to see you at other meets and hope you take the opportunity to visit a KING clutch dealer when you go to the different meets. 

List of coming meets with KING attendance here.

Click on pictures for full size

Cool KING neon sign! Check out Stan's site.

Stan and Duff at the KING booth.

Rob's wife Trish with a bird!
Kiwi booth in the background.

Kiwi Indian Parts new distributor of KING products! More here. Click pic to go to Kiwi's website.

Alabama Indian Restoration new KING dealer in (right!) Alabama.
Check out their website.

Walker Machine new KING dealer in Massachusetts. Check out their website.

Here's a pic of Stan showing off his belly. Nice jewelry Stan, did Lyle cast them up for you? Gotcha buddy! Rob. (I'm just the guy who types the stories around here, but I don't think that's really Stan -then again I've never seen him with his shirt up! :-)... Moen)

Davenport Show Pix by Mark Dowis

Rainbow Chief

 Leaf Chief

Chief Sidecar

Four Motor


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