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  A Pilgrim at Davenport 2000
 By Cotten

Many of the seven hundred-plus booths were not commercial productions, but once-a-year vendors who bring their wares for trade like farmers to county fairs of the past. The most exciting were our own Listers!

Stumbling about, I spied these immaculate fenders that make a Taiwan repop Harley fender look like cellulite. I was delighted to find that it was Tom Keene's booth, and that's little Katie in the shade. The quality of the pressings were beyond my wildest imaginings. Forget the english wheel, these are perfect! (Pic 16)

Wandering blindly in reverie of all of the ancient glory, I chanced to meet Ricoo as he was escaping the torrid sun. (Pic 17) Look forward to a profile of his services in an upcoming Dealers Feature.

Eventually my circles crossed Row F, and as I approached a curious crowd further down the row, Mr. Breeding greeted me warmly, making sure he was the subject of my photo, and making me chop off the fendertip of this breathtaking hack. (pic 18) Closer to the huddle of Indian shirts, Ed Glasgow was displaying his bolt kits to anxious onlookers (pic 19). But what was all of the excitement further down the lane?

As I tried to get closer, I found myself at the King Clutch booth as Stan Jessup stands guard, and Rob Olsen crouches ready to pounce on anyone who storms over the table. (pic 20)

So what was the big attraction? It was Duff hawking his Motovalve to the masses with all of the flair of P.T. Barnum! Finally Stan comes over to run everybody off so I could get this shot of the Big D getting down on a hard sale. (pic 21)

Next in line was Roger Glodowski's Chief Replacement case team, and with a flagship like this (pic 22), with a Cycle Electric Twelve Volt conversion with an end-mount regulator, we can be sure that they carry the standard for the VirtualIndian mission.

And across the aisle from all of this was the grand Kiwi display! Considering that Jerry Greer was but a few feet away on the next aisle, and Starklite was but a few feet beyond that, it is certain that the center of the universe had shifted to these Midwest fairgrounds for the weekend.

Armed with a list of familiar names and booth numbers from the vast vendor board, I set back out to locate whomever I could. It was good to find Carl Sorenson's Apopka Indian booth, with the most impressive overdrive Chief transmission, but soon I found myself pulled in so many directions that I missed many of our most noteable contributors. And since so many had pulled out by Saturday, I can only apologize to those I missed, as well as those of you whom I met, but have not mentioned here.

Our booth livened up Friday (pic 23) as Rick Abbott rolled in with his 101 flattracker! Here Bob Walker looks on as Rick fires her up and lets her idle; immediately two afficianados come over to marvel. (pic 24) Dan Fitzgerald's stunning '40 Sport Scout graced the booth also, and I greatly appreciate the time that Chuck and Rob Garrett and everyone else spent in attendance while I wandered. And we all should appreciate the dedication of all who were brave enough to wear a black VI tee-shirt in the oppressive heat. I was, uh,...incognito, and not really too uncomfortable!

Besides the copies of the VI magazine in hardcopy, we also had the VI 'crown jewels' displayed for inspection. Lyle's Warpath castings excited everyone, particularly when compared to Bob Walker's real thing! (pic 25)

Darren Chafin stopped by with his late model, and I was in awe again. (pic 26 & 27)

By late afternoon one could hear the racers practicing, and by sunset dust was beginning to settle into the tent, as well as Eli Sentman's '39 Chief with hack (pic 28) (Don't ya just hate it when people have those little blue Senior First tags on their bikes?)

I missed the Races, and so much more when the vendors thinned out the next day. And I missed the Chapter Banquet, and even the Field games. But here is what is important anyway: (pix at the bottom of the page)

For those into Fours! (pic 29, 30, 31 & 32) 

For those into militarys! (pic 33 & 34)

Early ones! (pic 35 & 36)

Ratz! (pic 37)

The dressed: (pic 38)

And the un-dressed....  (pic 39)

And even minibikes! (pic 40)

Although the Meet continues through Sunday each year for the Judging, Road Run, and camaraderie, I had slept on the ground for two nights, and my wife had packed out with her van already, exhausted from the heat. So I filled up the oil and topped off the gas in my hack and proceeded to punish her back into Illinois at Interstate speeds. Didn't run out of oil until an hour or so later, so I was able to roll in my east doors again just at sunset.

And so another season has climaxed, and we can begin to look forward again!

Special thanx to Mark Dowis for his additional terrific digital shots! (pic 41)

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Pic 16. Tom Keene's fenders

Pic 17. Ricoo at Greyhawk

Pic 18. Michael Breeding

Pic 19. Ed Glasgow

Pic 20. Rob and Stan

Pic 21. Stan and Duff

Pic 22. Cool bobber Chief with CE generator.

Pic 23. Rick Abbott and 101 racer.

Pic 24. Bob and Rick flying the VI colors!

Pic 25. Warpath Cases! -And original 648 cases for comparison.

Pic 26. Darren Chafin's Chief

Pic 27. Other side

Pic 28. Sunset

Pic 29. Four basket

Pic 30. Four motor

Pic 31. Fourrunner

Pic 32. Fours

Pic 33. Military

Pic 34. Military

Pic 35. Single

Pic 36. Early

Pic 37. Whatta?

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KING goes to D-port

Pic 38. Fringes

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for full size!

Pic 39. Scout

Check out the 
Races too!

Pic 40. Ittybitty

Pic 41. Mark

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