September 2000 Blueprints
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   Prints of Parts and Parts of Prints...
By Dave Clements

All together a great month for the Blueprint Project. Alaric did the boss on the bottom of the fuel tank.
James Clark (James Gaskets) wrote.
"Dave: I wanted to give you an update on the Indian Base gasket. We are waiting for the final tooling costs from our tool and die maker. Expecting to receive their quotation this week.  Material for the gaskets is in stock. James"
So we've helped another new product into existence. I finally got the gasket print that Gerry did last month scanned. I also had to scan the three that he did this month. Great prints of Sport Scout engine mounts.
I saw the partial prints that Jeff is doing of the 640 frame they look great. The only problem with letting a engineer draft is that the detail is incredible if I'm not there to remind him that it only needs to be good enough to build one from. Maybe next month.
It'll be next month before the next wheel lacing installment as Paul's wife is in the hospital.

So stay tuned
VI Blueprints so far F/N
Cylinder base gasket, SS/Warpath
Petcock mounting boss
Engine plates, Sport Scout, front
Engine plates, Sport Scout, rear
Engine plates, 1910-13
Footboard rail, right hand, 741
Footboard rail, left & right hand, 640
Brake pedal bushing
Crash bar spacer
Front fork main frame, 640
(main print + details)
-I'll look up the numbers for next time... Moen

Wanna print the prints? Look here...

Click on pictures for full size

Petcock boss.

Petcock boss, mounting plate.

Sport Scout and Warpath! cylinder base gasket to be made by James Gaskets.

Sport Scout front engine plate.

Sport Scout rear engine plate, profile.

Sport Scout rear engine plate, holes.

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