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  New Indian Sites & Old Favorites
  By Moen

A big part of the VI Magazine website is the archives. Apart from every article from every issue (arranged both in date order under the "Back issues" heading, and by subject), there's also a lot of pages that never appeared in the magazine. A number of "Theme Pages" among them with subjects like Rust, Indian Tools, Sirens and Oil Pumps. If you are relatively new to the Virtual Indian you'll find hours of reading material in the VI Archives.

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VI Archives

Manufacture of motorcycles with "Indian" on the tank didn't stop in 1953, of course. Apart from the various British bikes (Royal Enfields and such) which got a new tank transfer and new identity as Indians, there's the small 2-stroke models of the 1970s. Several models were imported to the US (and elsewhere??) by various people including Floyd Clymer. These bikes frequently turn up at meets and places like eBay, often for very little money. They may not have the charisma of the US-built heavy iron, but they make nice, cheap fun bikes. And if you've got kids, they're perfect! This site is an online community for all the '70s models and there's plenty of info and resources on the well organized site

1970s Indian 2 strokes
Iron Wigwam is a new Indian site, but some pretty interesting stuff is mentioned there! How about "antique and used racing parts for Indian and HD motorcycles" or Koslo OHV heads or "aftermarket speed equipment". Rocky, the man behind Iron Wigwam, clearly has some interesting parts, even if his site only mentions them briefly -but there's both phone number and email address there so just get in touch with him! There's prints for Rocky's 1910-13 motor mounts on the VI Blueprint page, but if you don't want to make them yourself, Rocky's got them in stock.

Iron Wigwam
Most of us know about Michael Breeding's amazing range of reproduction castings and Indian tools. Michael was one of the first parts suppliers with a full online catalog, and his site is still one of the best of its kind. Clear, pretty fast  loading and quite frequently updated. Michael's site is an absolute must, no matter what. Apart from all the cast parts (from a full range of stands and fittings, over frame castings for repair to special parts like horn, siren and generator mounts), some of Michael's specialties are sidecar parts and Indian tools. Lots of other nifty Indian parts too. Go see for yourself!

Michael Breeding
Gabe Korthy's Nostalgia Promotions in Portland, Maine is fairly new to the web, but Gabe's been restoring antique motorcycles for 25 years. His website is well laid out. Information is clear and there's just enuff fancy Javascript stuff to make it look cool but not enuff to crash most browsers. Apart from some good looking restorations and a wide range of interesting restoration services, Nostalgia Promotions also lease out antique motorcycles (including Indians) as props and decorations, but it doesn't sound like you're allowed to ride them... Site's well worth cheking out!

Nostalgia Promotions
Thanks to Steve Blancard for this link. Powder coating is becoming a standard finish for many "practical" restorations (i.e. bikes meant to be ridden), but there's still some confusion about what powder coating is and what it can do for you. This great article goes a long way towards explaining the finer points of powder coating for motorcycles. It covers various options, and among other things preparation, care and repair. There's also good feedback on folks' own experiences. If you're thinking of having your Indian powder coated, check this site out.

Powder coating info
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