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   "New Indian" Dealership
By Jim Jones

Imagine riding down the road and seeing a sign that says “Indian Motorcycle”. Kind of interesting. Have the new owners of the Indian trademark managed to get the business going? To find out, I checked the Indian Motorcycle website to see if there was a dealer nearby. In my area there are at least 6 or 7 within a short ride. This came as a surprise.

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Sick of work and looking for an excuse to get out, I rode down to Dover Delaware to see the store. It was brand spankin’ new. In fact the contractors representative was in the building. He said he was from California and had been going all over the country starting up stores. Spoke to the manager and explained that I wanted to take some pictures for a web magazine. He said go ahead.
The first thing inside the door is a matching numbers 1946 Chief. This is the property of the store owner, but I believe it is for display, not for sale.
They had about ten of the new Indian Chiefs. A few of them were in museum style display cases, while others lined the floor. All were 2000 models. The salesman was looking forward to getting some Scouts.
The place was pretty well stocked with T-shirts, leather jackets and other knick knacks, none of it cheap. On the other hand the quality appeared very good and it all carried Indian logos.
I bought a T-shirt for 22 bucks (yikes!) and paid for it at the parts counter.

There were a few customers coming in and out, and one rode up on a new blue and white Chief. When I asked him if I could take a picture the reply was “Why not? Everyone does!”. So here it is!

So what to think about the bike? You decide. While I wish them a lot of luck, to me the only real Indian is an Old Indian.

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