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Kiwi on the Road
 By Mike "Kiwi" Tomas

Kiwi Chief Engine Cases
Before Kiwi gets to tell about his most recent trips to meets all over the US as well as the latest update on his new cylinder heads, here's a little something for those who are waiting for the Kiwi engine cases. Yeah, I know I've been mouthing off about them for ages, and they are still not ready, but I think this has more to do with me bugging the Kiwi guys for news all the time and interpreting their answers "in a positive spirit", than them being behind schedule. The first batch of cases are now at a very prestigeous machine shop for the final machining operations. The details are kinda secret for the time being, but suffice to say that these are very "high end" engine cases at a very fair price ($1,199.00 for a matched set of case halves with cam cover). There will be an article here going into great detail as soon as the cases are done. As an extra bonus, Kiwi has put a special price on case sets being pre-ordered. If you order now, you will get a set of the limited first production run for $999.99! And that's matched case halves with cam cover, all CNC'ed from 356-T6 aluminum and incorporating some neat detail solutions but looking just like factory cases. Contact Kiwi Indian Parts for more details and release date. 

Connecting Rods
These should be avaible at Davenport (September 1 to 3).

Cylinder Heads
Heads are made from aircraft 356-T6 Aluminum and feature no shrinkage. Patterns were made utilizing the most modern computer design software and one of the most high end pattern shops in the country. Patterns were fully created by CNC machining. One of the big benefits of this is that there is virtually no shrinkage compared to cheaper methods. Casting is also performed by one of the highest end foundrys in the country who casts engine parts on an OEM basis for many top US manufacturers including the motorcycle industry. Machining is accomplished also by fully utilizing CNC equipment. This was on of the greatest benefits utilizing computers as the file data that was generated at the pattern shop was completely transferable to the machine shop. The end result is a 1st class part. These heads have the most amount of gasket surface area between the head bolt holes and the combustion chamber (even when counterbored for 80" or Bonneville) which is the normal areas gaskets will blow.  Spark plug threaded holes are taped to accept 3/4" reach plugs for those who prefer to run longer reach spark plugs. Heads will be ready in mid-August, and while the regular price is a very reasonable $375.00 for 74" and $450.00 for 80" and Bonneville versions, the special introductory price for 74" heads is just $300.00.

Sacramento, California Show
This year Sacramento meet was held in a new location in Dixon, California at the local fairgrounds. This site is approx 20 miles to the west of the old location under the freeway in Sacramento. This new site was 1st class and the club members did a fantastic job of making sure everything went effortless for us vendors. It is a smallish meet and is very kicked back. The members really made it feel homely. Upon arrival I was offered a barbequed hamburger lunch with all the fixin's. Filling the belly always is a hit especially when you're not expecting it. 

Sunday the club put on a wonderful ride. It took us by a dam and some fantastic hilly back country scenery which probably was gold country way back when. The ride was about 150 miles at a bad guess or maybe it was 100 miles that seemed like 200 miles, who's counting. Some of the roads were about 1 lane wide at times and super duper tight turns. These guys are great to ride with

Pueblo, Colorado
This was a very modern motorcycle show held at the Colorado State fairgrounds in Pueblo. We were invited by Indian Motorcycle to display a selection of antique Indians. We had our Freightliner big rig and m/c display set up inside the building along with Indian Motorcycle. The displayed motorcycles were '38 Chief, '40 Sport Scout, '40 Bobber Scout, 2 x '47 Chiefs, '48 Chief and a '51 Chief. We were thankful to be set up in the only aircontioned building. Indian greeted us at the entrance upon driving in and made sure everything went effortless for us. Indian Motorcycle was very professional and nothing was a problem. We even got to teach some of their guys to ride our original '48 Chief. Fortunately for them this was one of the few we own that has a right hand throttle. It is a nice experience to have someone else share what we enjoy so much. These folks really appreciate the old iron. 

A rigid frame Scout was unveiled and is probably being named the Bonneville Scout (I came up with the name and the bike was hidden in the Kiwi  rig and unveiled at the Pueblo show). It's a pretty cool ride. We got to cruise one of the 2000 Chiefs. Not bad at all. Indian was so nice that they delivered one to our shop which gets cruised around on. Branscombe Richmond played with his band on Friday evening inside our building which was a fantastic show. He is darn good. All the nights were long ones or should I say the sleeping time was short.  We made the front page of the Pueblo newspaper with our '47 Chief. This was great publicity for all. We even met up with some riders on pre '54 Indians.

The crowd estimated attendence was 25,000 which was very good for a 1st time event and there were hundreds of different venders. What was also nice was to feel that the whole town was behind this event 100%. No matter where we went we were greeted with smiles and appreciation.

Cruising Home
On the return trip I met up with Doug Vancil, Top fuel Harley drag racer. Doug smoked by me in his Vance and Hines sponsored Volvo big rig near Albuqueque, New Mexico. We made contact on the CB and cruised into Flagstaff at 10.30 pm. We did the formal meeting stuff, he threw open his doors and checked out his 6.45 sec, 215 mph, 725-750 hp 160ci drag racer. He couldn't wait to get in the back of the Kiwi rig and check out the old iron. Turns out he used to work on a few Indians in Albuquerque at a local dealership. Our aim was to make it to Kingman that night, about another 150 miles (under 2 hours at our speed) but we finally climbed into our sleepers at 1.30 am. We cruised together into Southern California. He's a way cool guy and does his own bike building, engine work, designing and now truck driving. His wife Julie who was not along for this trip is also the truck driver and crew chief. 

It's about to happen. We will have a display at the Indian Motorcycle Company area which is near the Super 8 Motel. Our Freightliner big rig will have a full inventory of parts on hand so if you need any or break down, hopefully we will have your part. The Bonneville racer that we are involved in should be on display at Sturgis. It's looking pretty good. Do stop on by to say hi. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Kiwi Engine Cases for Chief. 
356-T6, CNC machined.
Matched case halves and cam cover, 48-up style.
Pre-order only $999.99!

Kiwi Chief Heads, 74", 80" and Bonneville will be ready in 1-2 weeks. Special Intro Price for 74" Heads: $300.00

Sacramento. Ride on the Sunday after the meet. Kiwi rig right. Kiwi all-original '48 Chief left.

Sacramento ride.

Sacramento ride.

Sacramento ride.

Pueblo: Kiwi makes the front page!


Pueblo. New "Scout" flanked by Kiwi's '38 Chief and '41 Scout.

Pueblo. New rigid "Bonneville Scout" 

Pueblo. Kansas City Chiefs(!) NFL player Ralph Tamm, Kiwi and Kiwi restored '47 Chief.

Doug Vancil Racing and Kiwi rigs in Arizona.

Ross (Kiwi Junior), drag racer Doug Vancil and drag bike.

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