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    Springfield Indian Motocycle Club of America
    Antique Motocycle Meet at White Rose Motorcycle Club
  June 24th and 25th 2000
By Jim Jones

The White Rose Motorcycle Club is located in the country near Jefferson PA. Their schedule for the year 2000 includes Observed trials, two Professional Hill Climb events (including the Pennsylvania state championship), A Triumph Rally and Swap meet, a Vintage Japanese meet and the Chesapeake Chapter AMCA meet. Each year the Springfield Indian Motocycle Club of America holds a meet there.

Older 4 with side hack
The grounds contain parking and camping areas, a couple of large fields where vendors set up, and a large hill for hill climbing. I would not want to try to climb it on foot, but it is obvious that bikes do make it to the top as the ground cover is all worn away. Or perhaps itís just erosion. Who could possibly ride all the way up this thing?
Go for it, Wild Man! Iíll watch you while I sip this cold beer!
There is also a building with a large kitchen and cafeteria area inside. They cook ďdiner styleĒ food: hot dogs, hamburgers etc., and sell canned beer and sodas. The food is good and inexpensive, so donít bother bringing your own for a day trip. I was pretty hungry by the time I got there - first stop was food. Having been there before and knowing that a couple hour ride would generate an appetite, I skipped breakfast and held out Ďtill I got there. Just made it! 

After feeding, I did what I was there to do. Checked out the Indians. Itís interesting to meet the people and hear about them and their bikes

The White Rose Motorcycle Club (this nice Chief kinda pulled the camera lens in its direction)
Saw this 47 Chief last year but did not get a chance to meet the owner. Brett has had the bike for about 10 years and rode it up from Baltimore. Bobís Indian helped him with the restoration. Itís a period custom. Brett felt that the original owner had made some nice choices when it came to customizing the bike, so when he fixed it up, he did not go back to factory original. ďIt would be bad juju to mess with the bike, so I kept it like the original owner had it!" Check the chrome stars on the skirted fender! This excellent bike is a rider. 
Brett and his 47 Chief
Since I own a 249, Iím always glad to see one. This belongs to James from Virginia. He was camping with his son. Thatís his Dadís chief in the foreground. When I met James he was just about to change out the carb and spark plugs on the 249. He was glad to stop and talk about the bike. Later on he got it fired up and rode it around the grounds. The little 440cc motor makes a nice growl! 
Jamesí campsite with the familyís Indians
Didnít get this gentlemanís name, but he is the proud owner of this 401 four cylinder. It has a single front down tube frame like the ACE it is descended from. He likes it because it is easy for him to kick over. 
Older 4 with side hack
Not everyone was lucky enough to have an Indian to ride there on. I rode my wifeís little Buell, an improvement over the station wagon I drove last year. There were a few Japanese bikes, some Harleys and a nice looking Vincent. Rick and Karen rode a Harley but did not seem to mind being surrounded by Indians. Rick is restoring a Chief. 
Rick and Karen, surrounded by Indians
Robin Markey has more Indians than I have T-shirts. This time he brought a 1939 Sport Scout. One of the most knowledgeable Indian mechanics in the world, he is willing to share his knowledge with just about anyone. 
Robinís í37 Sport Scout
The owners of this Chief arrived from out of state with a large trailer also containing a Four Cylinder, and a third bike. A lot of the bikes I saw were built as the owners wanted, not factory restorations. Most of them were painted my favorite color! 
Chief in the camping area
I always hope to learn something at meets, and this one was no disappointment. My military sidecar came with a weird bracket. Here is a similar restored sidecar with the bracket in use. It turns out to be a combination sidecar entry step and passenger footrest! A kicker type pedal is mounted there.
Step Here
Thatís all for this year. Next year, bring your tent, your Indians and your family and help make this small meet a little larger! 

The White Rose Motorcycle Club can be reached at: 
Phone in USA: 717-229-2621
Mail: RD 2 Box 2627 Spring Grove PA 17362

Chief with hack
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