August 2000 Blueprints
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    Prints of Parts and Parts of Prints
   By Dave Clements
It's been a strange month for the Blueprint Project. While looking for Indian parts on the net I found  who was selling laser cut engine plates for 1910 to 1913 models. So I wrote and asked about publishing the prints in the VI and found out that mineral94 was our very own Rocky. And he was willing so here they are. He still has them for sale so if you need a set buy from him.

I drove the 650 miles each way so that Jeff could have the 640 frame in front of him. Hopefully it won't be too long now. He said that if he doesn't have to go to Germany this month we might have the rear section next issue.

Moen wrote to see if we would be interested in doing cylinder base gasket prints of the Sport Scout for Mat Elvenkemper and James Gaskets. I think that every draftsman on the list offered, quite a change from the early days. Gerry got the job as he had the cylinders off his Scout. The prints came out beautiful. So there should be James Gaskets base gaskets for the Scout soon. Lyle Landstron offered to help as if he doesn't have enough going already. The base project was already underway so he suggested that we do prints of cylinder head gaskets and have them laser cut from copper sheet since James is firmly committed to composition gaskets. So we have another project underway. I have since learned that most lasers won't cut copper so will probably have to either water- or plasma cut them.

Click on pictures for full size

1910-1913 engine plate 1

1910-1913 engine plate 2

Some of the dimensions on these prints did not come out too clear in the scan/conversion processes, and we'll try to fix it. If you are in a big hurry, write if in doubt!

And then Bart sent this wonderful first installment of instructions for lacing a Chief wheel. When I tried to convert them from DWG I discovered that the trial converter had timed out and not only uninstalled itself but most every thing else, especially anything to do with drawings. So I had to have Richard convert them for me at the last minute. It will rate it's own headline elsewhere in the magazine.

Quite a month. Stay tuned.


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