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    Indian Website Review
   By Moen

As you are probably aware, there's a serious number of Indian related websites listed on the VI "Links" page, and there's new additions every month.  With the growing number of Indian sites it may be a little hard to keep track (a new layout for the Links page is about midway down the list of priorities right now, but will come eventually), and this page will put the spotlight on a few of them every month. New sites and more or less random picks off the Links page. I don't mean to go into great depths with these sites (after all, they are just a click away, so go have a look for yourself!), just a brief description and a link.
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VI Links page

AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) Chief Blackhawk Chapter. These are the people who put on the mega-meet in Davenport, Iowa in September every year (September 1-3, this year). Meet info on site. Just a one-page site (for now?), but nicely done! 

AMCA Chief Blackhawk Chapter
AMCA (Antique Motorcycle Club of America) SoCal Chapter. News and, above all, photos of great bikes and people having fun with them. These guys really ride their bikes, and there's hours of fun browsing through the photo section of the site. Also list of coming runs etc. Updated frequently.

Indianmotorbikes.com is an ambitious new website from "down under" in New Zealand. VI "Lister" Greg Cooney has built a marvellous site with lots of Indian stuff. There's some neat articles on the Munro Special racing Scout and other fine Indians (including Greg's beautiful 351) plus a bunch of reprints from the VI :-) Also a whole "community" with message board etc. 

"Indian" Jeff McGeary had a horrible accident a couple of years ago, and this site is set up by his friends to keep everyone informed of his progress to recovery. Wonderful idea. 

Indian Jeff McGeary
Motor Maids, Inc. The Oldest Motorcycling Organisation for Women in North America. Neat site with up to date info on the organisation, contact links, history (fascinating!) plus articles and tributes to co-founder Dot Robinson. 

Motor Maids, Inc
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