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   Moto Valve Installation
   By Lyle Landstrom
There has been much discussion on the VI list concerning the benefits of running a Moto Valve on your Indian. Mainly so your gaskets don't weep oil. If you have 10 minutes of time, you can install one on your bike.


Just a few basic things are needed to install the Moto Valve: Screwdriver, 1" wrench, Propane Torch, Solder and length of copper tubing. A tubing cutter helps but you could use a hacksaw.

What you need

First you need to remove the timing plug from the left side of the bike, then screw in the Moto Valve into the timing hole so that the screws are at about a 5 o'clock and 11 o'clock position. Tighten the locknut with the 1 inch wrench. 

Now, find yourself a length of tubing and bend it so it ends at the Moto Valve at about the 8 o'clock position. The other end of the pipe can be directed at your chain. Or in my case, to the underside of the bike. If the length is long, you might want to support the pipe somehow from vibration which would eventually break the pipe. 

Next solder the correct end of the copper pipe to the Moto Valve. It's just like sweating a piece of copper plumbing pipe but try not to use too much solder. Take the Moto Valve apart first so the heat from soldering does not warp the brass disk inside the valve.

Make sure you cool the whole thing off so you don't burn your hands. You can now insert the brass disk back into the cast brass body and screw the casting onto the Moto Valve body. You might need to make adjustments to the bends in the copper tubing to route it correctly.

Tubing bent & soldered

Moto Valve article & tester feedback here.


As you can see, the Moto Valve is easy to install and looks as if it's something the Indian factory could have made. It also adds a "Crockerish" look to the bike. People will know that your serious about riding, and the ones that don't won't know the difference. The entire installation took about 10 minutes including cutting and soldering the pipe. Now I don't have any excuse not to wash my bike as the Moto Valve should help to keep it clean.

Time for a beverage.

Moto Valve installed
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