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Warpath Case Patterns

By Moen

The case patterns are progressing nicely, and are in fact further ahead than these pictures show, as there's a certain delay between taking pictures and posting them here. 

One of the things you can see in the pictures is the modular construction of the patterns. This makes it easier to change parts of them for, say, different cylinder deck configurations (later OHV version?) and for the drive side bearing boss to be configured for either racing or street use. For racing, you'd want the fat boss like on the 648 cases, but this doesn't allow the stock generator drive.

A later development might be a generator drive off the rear of the primary (stock magneto drive location). That would allow the fat bearing boss on street bikes too.

Apart from the case patterns, Lyle has just finished his prototype inner primary cover and sent it off to Rick Abbott for machining. Don't everybody go bug him for finished covers now! It's still just a prototype, and it takes time to get everything right.

Lyle already has outher primaries available in unmachined form, and these will probably be available in machined, ready to use form some time soon too.

More of Lyle's non-Warpath parts here.
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