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    New Pinion Shaft Seal (& other stuff) from Kiwi.
By Moen

Neat! What else is there to say about Kiwi Indian's new pinion shaft seal? 

Upgrading the "big parts" like cases and flywheels is fine, but little details like felt seals and cardboard gaskets are what has kept the Chief engine "vintage". Nothing wrong with that of course, but innovations like this seal, o-ring valve covers and modern gaskets from James all make everyday use of the bikes a more practical proposition. Many of these parts fit Scouts too, and we can only assume that more will become available for Scout engines when the Warpath takes off.

Click on pictures for full size

Modern seal to replace felt pinion shaft seal. In stock now at $6.99. It replaces both the felt (37551) and retainer (37552).

Kiwi's new Chief engine cases and cylinder heads are going through final machining. Sorry about my impatient announcements in earlier issues, I guess it's just good that the Kiwi boys are taking the time to do the job right!

Flywheels in 5" stroke for 84" Chiefs are now being offered too, by the way, and these are available off the shelf.

As some of you may be curious about what's happening in Kiwi-land (well,
Southern California, actually) when they are not busy making parts, here's a little "gossip" :-)  (lots of links to other stories & sites, so click away for some interesting reading!)

Kiwi Indians lined up at the Perris Auto Speedway for the m/c flattrack races Sat 6/17/00. From front to back: 347, 338, 351 & 640.
Mike "Kiwi" Tomas attends almost all of the big meets across the US and racks up serious miles in the Kiwi Freightliner (as well as on his Indians). Coming back from Oley, PA recently (at 70 mph...), a deer jumped in front of the truck in Iowa. The rig has been fixed up again, and I'm glad Mike wasn't on a bike trip just then! One of the next opportunities to meet Kiwi will be at the "Rocky Mountain Thunder" show in Pueblo Colorado June 30 - July 2, this event is a joint effort with the "new Indian" company.
Kiwi rig with dents.
Kiwi is now also sponsoring truck racer Jack Dodd and SCRA sprint car racer Lance Gremmett. Jack is a well known HD mechanic in SoCal and currently # 3 in the points. Lance is just now (June 13-25) racing on the Mid West Circuit, and on his way to become Rookie of the Year. According to Mike he drives balls out and he and his dad, Bob are both super nice guys. There's more on www.wagtimes.com (look for "Bogans Heros", but unfortunately the site was down at the time of writing).
Kiwi's original 348. Look for a feature on this bike soon.
Back to the bikes. Mike and son Ross go to the track races every Saturday night, and takes whatever Indian Ross (age 6½) wants to ride. Recently, while on his original 48 Chief, Mike was confronted by a lady in a Mercedes convertible who wanted to buy the Chief, money no object. Apparently she got quite upset over being turned down, but Mike promised to look for another bike for her.
Mike and Ross on 39 Dispatch Tow.
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