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VI T-Shirts!

By Moen

Some time ago on the VI list we talked about having VI T-shirts made. It would make it easier to recognize fellow Listers at meets and such, and the revenue from selling them could help support the magazine and other VI activities.

Much talk about what kind of shirts would fit the sophisticated image of the typical VI Lister. Eli went as far as making a page on his site for his interpretation of The Official VI Hawaii Shirt (sort of a result of everybody finding the shirt I wear in my column mugshot extremely classy... but unfortunately Eli seems to have removed the page?). Indiansue even suggested VI shorts!

While I like Hawaiian shirts (and those shorts!), everybody may not share my keen (ahem) dress sense, so we ended up with the great looking T-shirts, you see to the right of here. 

The shirts are Hanes Beefy Tees and carry the new VI logo on the front. Shirts are black with maroon/gold logo.

Available in L, XL and XXL.  $15 for L & XL. $16 for XXL + postage and insurance. 

Payment by money order in US$.

Email Jim Jones for ordering -and if you want one, you'd better do it NOW while they last.

The New VI T-shirt!
(Official VI flying helmet next?) :-)

 Click pix for full size view.

There will be a "club account" page soon, where VI Listers can see how the money's spent.

 You don't have to be on the VI mailing list to get one of these, but if you want to, you can sign up here.

Shirts will ship June 30, 
so order NOW! 
Before it's too late.

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