June/July 2000 Restoration
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    License Plate Exchange
Noting the interest in old license plates for that finishing touch to the Indian, the idea for this page came up on the VI mailing list (click to sign on! -or just to get more info).

The way it works is real simple.

Send me a list of the plates you want, those you have for trade and perhaps a snapshot of your plates too. Then I'll post it on this page with a mail link to you for interested parties to get in touch. If you get what you want, please let me know so I can update the page.

I might update the page inbetween issues as time allows. There's already a couple of new entries since this issue went online. But at least your entry will be posted as the next issue comes out.


Send you info to: moen@get2net.dk

This is mainly intended as a no-money-involved trading thing, but if you need a plate and have none to trade, offering cash is ok.

Pictures in jpeg/jpg format email attachments, please.

Wanted Contact Have for trade
(Click for full size view)
Florida motorcycle plates 1931 and 1941 Marty
Florida auto plate 1933
Illinois motorcycle plate 1934 Cotten
Illinois motorcycle plate 1940 Dan Fitzgerald
Kansas motorcycle plates from the 1920s and 1930s to complete a run from 1913-up Bob Walker
Missouri plates from 1930, 1936, 1950 and 1951 Chuck Garrett
New Mexico motorcycle plates before 1958 Michael Breeding
California 1947
(Military) Fort Knox 1943
New Mexico 1958, 1965
Tennessee 1950
Texas 1952, 1956
For trade only
Oregon motorcycle plates from the following years: 1941, 1943, 1947, 1948, 1949 or 1950 Stan Jessup

Washington State M/C license plate from 1938 Rob Garrett
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