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  The VI Exchange!
 By Moen

June 2000. New this month is fender skirts on Tom Keene's page. If you want a page for your Indian stuff here or have any other suggestions, let me know, ok?

May 2000. New this month is Gerry Vinci, who is offering his wood carving talent to casting pattern projecteers.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of putting together the VI magazine is getting in touch with all those enthusiastic folks all over the place, who are actually getting off their butt to MAKE new Indian parts. 

Many of the "hobbyist" parts producers are very skilled and well equipped to do what they do, but often lack resources for related operations. Lyle is the most accomplished "hobby" foundryman, I know of, but he has little in the way of machine tools. Duff and Jim Wall are pretty mean machinists, but can't do castings.... Of course they are fully capable of figuring out trading their stuff between themselves, but it would be fun to expand the circles a little. 

Here's the basic idea of the VI Exchange: 

Anyone with services or parts to offer can get an entry here, stating what they need and what they have. This isn't limited to the VI Projecteers, so if you have an idea to make new Linkert bodies or something, but lack the facilities to do it, drop me a note, and we'll see if someone can't come up with something! 

Those of us, with little or no Indian related skills to offer, sometimes feel left somewhat out of this. Happily we often have SOME skill we can cash in on, and it just might happen that tax accountancy or home made icecream could be traded for new Sport Scout cam covers or machining work on your wheel hubs (I probably shouldn't have mentioned the "T" word, but we'll just assume that everybody does what it takes to keep the IRS happy...). So whatever you want and whatever you've got, this may be the ticket for making the best of it.

I put in some links to pages with more info in the table below. Some of these pages don't have links back to here, so you may need to use your browser's "back" button to get back to where you left off. 

We'll see where this leads, and adjust accordingly. Please let me know what you think!


One project, where services are already being traded: Duff's Moto Valve. Lyle's doing the castings for the production versions. More about the Moto Valve here!

Wanted Offering Contact & Location
'48 Chief parts/castings Precision wood carving for patterns (Gerry's page) Gerry Vinci USA
Jr. Scout/741 parts Machining, fabrication (Tom's page), fender blanks Tom Keene USA
Sport Scout parts Cast parts (Lyle's Page), pattern & casting work Lyle Landstrom USA
Sport Scout parts Machining/fabrication work for Sport Scout racers Jim Wall USA
What have you got? Moto Valves, Valve Cover Skirts, Vertical h/bar kits Duff USA

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