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  21st Annual OVM Show
By Stan Jessup Have you visited Stan's site?
Story first seen on imb.com
These photos were taken at the 21st annual Oregon Vintage Motorcyclist show and swap meet, held at the Benton County fairgrounds in Corvallis Oregon on May 21, 2000. This is always a good event, and this year was no exception. Each year, I try to take a bike that has never been there before, and this time my 741B was my choice. This bike only had about 50 miles on it so far, so it would be a good opportunity to rack up a few more.

The problem is that the direct route involves freeways, and even a well broken in 741 should never attempt those speeds. The route I chose (about 90 miles round trip) took me through the farm land, and wound along the river for about 20 miles, then connected with a highway with bike paths, so I had lots of room to let traffic pass. Everything was checked first, then off I went. 

The bike likes to cruise at 40-45 without stress, so I chose that range as my maximum speed to break the engine in. The route didn't have any major hills, and relatively light traffic except through downtown areas. I went about 4 miles before I decided to fine tune the mixture adjustment, and all of a sudden the bike went dead. It felt electrical, but I had power, so I looked around, and realized I had hit the choke lever and the bike didn't like full choke! OK, fixed that, lets get cookin' again. After another 7 or 8 miles, the bike sputters and dies again. Checked everything and found the left tank was now dry!

When I left, I estimated that the tank was about half full. Either I was wrong,
or this thing is really a gas hog. Oh well, I had the right tank, and about 10
miles to a gas station. When I stopped for gas, I overfilled the tanks and had to keep my glove on the right tank cap till I burned some off. Without further incident, I arrived at the fairgrounds with time to spare.

This event seems to attract a few American bikes, and a lot of European models. OVM is open to any make or model over 30 years old. I took pictures of the nicest and most interesting bikes at the show, but I only took one disc with me, so I only captured about 10% of the turn out. This years featured marque was Honda, but I didn't take any shots of them (sorry). 

The winners in the American category were; 1st Black 348 Chief; 2nd OD 741B (mine); 3rd Gray 440. Indian swept all the Harley's under the rug (where they should be). 

The weather was in the high 70's and it turned out to be another great OVM function. As always, you get to see people that you only see at repeat events, and you get a chance to do some scrounging for old parts. 

The ride home was uneventful, except for all the horn honking and waving as cars went by. Some people just love OD Green I guess. Oh, I almost forgot; they gave an award for the furthest traveled (on a trailer, no less)! Almost reminds me of a HOG event!


Indian Single


741 and 353


Enfield Indian

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