June/July 2000 Tech Feature 
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    Prints of Parts and Parts of Prints
  - or The Last Minute Save
   By Dave Clements
Because of my involvement with fighting the Cierro Grande forest fire this month (mechanical support) my work schedule didn't allow the computer time that is needed to keep this project going. I managed a few nights of recreational writing to the lists but totally fell down on the job. Just when I was ready to cancel this months Blueprint Project I received a fax from Gary Kaleniecki with two nicely done sheets of a Sport Scout rear motor mount. He had to fax because his confuser is virused out.

Next month will be better they cut our hours back to 10 per day 6 days per week which sure beats the 16s and 12s we were on. I think I'll be able to take off long enough to take the 640 frame to Jeff as its not working with it here, I think he needs to see it. Photos sketches and measurements aren't cutting it. It didn't take him long when he had the 640 fork in front of him.
Earlier prints  F/N
Footboard rail, right hand, 741
Footboard rail, left & right hand, 640
Brake pedal bushing
Crash bar spacer
Front fork main frame, 640

Click on pictures for full size

Sport Scout rear engine plate, outline

Sport Scout rear engine plate, holes

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