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  By Dave Clements
Scout footboard mounts! 

This month has been very productive Richard had drawn a right hand footboard mount for a 741 and Jim drew a left and a right footboard mount for a 640 (1940 Sport Scout).
Jeff is still pestering me for more measurements and photos of the 640 rear section and Paul is working on a series of prints showing lacing procedures for a Chief wheel. 
Due to the recent interest in the Warpath 648 we are going to do the 741 rear section and then the 640 center section. The 741 rear will be right after the 640 rear then the 640 center. 

Jim wants to draw the under seat oil tank for a 648. Does anyone have one or most of one?

 I'm still looking for some one to help with old prints! 


Introduction to Project Blueprint  
Drawing: 640 fork (main frame)  
Drawing: 42913 crash bar spacer 
Drawing: 42481 brake pedal bushing
Here's how to print the drawings. 

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640 L/H Footboard rail 
640 L/H Footboard rail assembled 
640 R/H Footboard rail 
75503 741 R/H footboard rail  
Drawing 1  Drawing 2  
Drawing 3  Drawing 4