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    Brownie Betar T-shirts
   By Brett Herrey
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As you know, last year, Brownie Betar passed away at the age of 90. In 1995, I made up a batch of shirts when he was still in business to help boost some sales for him. I long thought I retired the design of the Brownie's symbol on the front and the Indian Sales and Service with the town and telephone number on the back. I now have reason to open that design back up for a limited amount to cover the cost of a headstone for his final resting place.  

I plan on being at a few meets this year selling them, and you can order by email too. I am only selling enough to cover the cost of a nice stone. Then the sales will cease. I figure about a hundred or so. The stone and base was priced last year at $800.00. This was with their look alike old motorcycle. I wanted to have it customized to create the outline of an Indian and have it say... Indian dealer and Hill Climber. But if I can get a little more, I'll get a bigger and better stone.   

The shirts are Fruit of the Loom. The colors are  Navy Blue with red logo on front, red and white lettering on rear. Black, with same lettering and logo. Natural, which is like a very light tan or beige color (see pictures) with same lettering. I ordered Large, X Large and 2XL. I can special order medium if desired. I always recommend going one size larger than normal.   

The cost is $16.00 for all sizes except 2XL which will be $18.00 plus shipping. I have to charge extra for postage. Please add $4.50 for up to 2 shirts and $5.18 for up to 4 if you are in the US. If you want more or if you are outside the US, please write me and I'll check out the postage and get back to you. 

Payment by money order/bank check. Personal checks I have to hold for a few days. If you're overseas, it will have to be international money order payable in U.S. funds.  

Remember, this is for a headstone for a fellow Indian dealer and Rider. I will try and make sure that all gets a shirt if they want one, but if the profit overcomes the cost of the stone, I must stop. This was intended for only one purpose.   

I also have a few of mine from my shop. But very limited amount.

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