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    Indian Humor Page!
   By Moen
Recently there was a big stink on the VI mailing list. Should the resident "funny guys" (Hi Jake!) be allowed to post jokes on the list or should we keep it Indian tech? The Indian-only side won for now, which I think is OK, as there's plenty of relevant mail as it is, but I figured a page in the magazine couldn't hurt. 

So here goes. The first VI Indian Humor Page! 

As I am the editor I decide what goes on this page (man, I love power!), and I have to say that there are 2 rules for stuff to find its way here. 

1) It has to be funny! And I mean real high-class funny. There's lots of so-so joke pages out there, we don't need to add to that. 

2) It has to be about bikes. Preferably Harleys! Well, a few self-searching Indian jokes would be fine too, I guess... 

So what have you got in the way of Indian Humor?

By "Steve the Artist" 
sent by Lyle Landstrom 
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