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    New Chief Engine Cases and Heads
    By Moen
The final retail price of Kiwi Indian Parts' Chief engine cases is $999.95 per set, and the matching cam cover is $199.95. The cases are only sold with cam cover, but the covers are available separately. There has been improvements on the cases/covers, but no details of this yet. 

These engine cases have been under development for a long time, and are state of the art modern castings in 356-T6 aluminum and CNC machined for accuracy. The finish of these parts is excellent due to a high-tech casting process. They are the 1948-up variety with cast-in flywheel scraper, but can of course be used for earlier models too. 

Kiwi's new cylinder heads are also in production. The retail price is $375.00 a pair for 74" heads and $450.00 a pair for 80"/Bonneville heads. 

These heads are also state of the art as far as foundry work goes, the people who have worked on the heads and cases usually works on some pretty impressive NASCAR and Top Fuel stuff, as well as top quality aftermarket HD parts.  

Stay tuned for more info  
-or go bug Steve at Kiwi Indian!

No pictures available yet, 
but as soon as they are ready
I will post them here. Hope-
fully both of the cases and
the heads! Check back soon. Moen

Chief engine cases $999.95 
Cam covers $199.95 
74" heads $375.00 

80" Heads $450.00 
Bonneville heads $450.00