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 9th All Indian Motorcycle Rally 
 By Garry Digney

The 9th All Indian Motorcycle Rally  was held at Maleny in Queensland, Australia over the Easter weekend. And what a weekend. Easter is usually a wet time in Queensland but the rain held of during the days and came down at night.
Friday was sign in day and nothing offical was organised. Just met old friends and some new. Talk Indians, drink a little and the lies got bigger as the night wore on.
Saturday was a ride through the hinterland ending at a tourist complex where an area was roped of for us to put the bikes on display for the public to view and ask questions of the owners. 

Then back to Maleny for the evening meal and more stories.
Sunday morning the "fun" began  with field events on the oval.  The events included: "Run to bike kick it over and drag race to finish" (the Chiefs had  a bit of trouble with wheel spin), slow riding and the snake event (two lines drawn on the ground getting closer together and twisting, tighter towards the other end, points scored for how far you get without crossing out side lines).

More chatting to the public and after lunch a poker run through some  more beautiful hinterland roads. The evening  finished with an aution of Indian parts and some got a few good scores.
Although the numbers were down this year, only 29 bikes, a great time was had by all who were there.
I don't have any photos of the field events as I was to busy  throwing my 44 chief about.  Mine is the blue one!
Garry Digney 
Queensland Australia   
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