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 Parts of prints or prints of parts
  By Dave Clements
This month Richard Chase did a print of a brake pedal bushing pn 42481.   

Jeff is still working on rear frame sections. Glen Tori sent a large care package of photo copies, dimensions, sketches and photos of the 741 rear section. We also have Jim Jones and Paul Bartholomew on board as draftsmen. We are still looking for someone to chase down old prints and get them on line.  

I want to explain a little about prints that have been converted from one format to another and sent through the internet. They are almost impossible to print at the original size and therefore are not reliable to scale from. All though we try to include all dimensions if the need ever arises to scale from one of these drawings they must be printed from the program that they were drawn on. So if we didn't include everthing you need to make or check a part write me and I'll try to either send the needed dimensions or send a copy in the native format.  Dave 

Click to enlarge and get the complete drawing. Look here for how to print the drawings.   
Introduction to Project Blueprint  
Drawing: 640 fork (main frame)  
Drawing: 42913 crash bar spacer 
Drawing: 42481 brake pedal bushing 

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