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    Sport Scout Racing Heads.
 By Jim Wall  
These heads are the early straight fin style "tall fin" racing heads as seen in Jerry Hatfield's Illustrated Buyers' Guide page 65.  

The pattern assembly is at a local foundry at this moment. They will repair the actual patterns as needed and do a mold at that point. We will then inspect the mold and make a decision as to tune the mold up further or proceed with castings.  
The castings will be of a 356 t-6 form when done. I have no idea as to cost yet but do not expect to retire from this project either. The foundry owner seems to be very enthusiastic about this project. He walked me through his entire operation from start to finish, kind of fun. I will keep the group posted as things proceed.  
At this point I have recorded interests for 7 sets of heads, not including myself or others that are not wired. 

If you are seriously interested in a set of these heads, please get in touch with me at this email address: fasstjim@aol.com or order a set on the VI Buyers' Club page!