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   Untrimmed Fender Blanks.
By Tom Keene 
I have 13 sets of untrimmed Indian front fender blanks for trade or swap.   
Fenders can be trimmed and used on Chiefs or Scouts utilizing a 4" x 18" tire and or Bobbers.  I am selling them untrimmed to save the typical Indian rider roughly $200 in final assembly costs.  I would rather swap the fenders for what I need than sell them outright.  See what extra you have and maybe we can arrange a swap or trade for some of your extra parts.  Will consider trading the entire lot for the right basket case.  I also have 20 sets of rear fender blanks for the newer models.  I am located in the Midwest.  Contact me at Pkeene7943@aol.com for more details. 

I am looking for Jr Scout parts, I have a frame and motor (no primary & tranny).  I have a complete 741 motor (less kickstarter pinion setup) that I am assembling into a 249 frame.  And if at all possible, I'd like to have a 741 or an old powerplus.  Cash is tight until I can move these fenders, or  arrange a swap.  I have been working on so many other peoples' Indian stuff, that my projects have been dormant.  

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