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New Bonneville Scout valve lifts.  
Sport Scouts in Bonneville guise ran the regular inlet lifts with special exhaust lifts (unlike the Bonneville Chief, where both were special). There is still a fair supply of used Sport Scout/741 inlet lifts, but the Bonneville exhausts are getting hard to find. Matt Willkinson in Maryland is now making a limited production run of them. No price yet, but they should be ready in October. The lifts will be available through the VI Buyers' Club 
New Clutch for Chief & Scout.  
Things in the Indian world are interconnected in the strangest ways... You may have noticed that the second part of Rob Olsens article on babbitt bearings, which was supposed to have appeared this month has been replaced with an article on the subject by Charles Qua. Charles is well known for his innovative and effective clutch, of course, in addition to being an authority on babbitt bearings and other "Four" matters, and it just so happens that the reason for Rob's article being postponed until next month is that he and Duff are working on.... A clutch!  

The clutch has already proven itself with Hendersons and Indian Fours, and is now being adapted for the Indian twins. A prototype will be ready any day and Rob informs the VI that the main comment on the clutch in its Henderson versions is: "It works like a dream!".  

More info here next month, or pester Duff or Rob  for it if you just can't wait.  
New oil pump covers for '48-up aluminum pump.  
The 648 Daytona (Big Base) Scout used the same aluminum pump as the 1948-53 Chiefs, and this makes it interesting in connection with Lyle's Warpath engine cases. These pumps consist of an internal body with 2 sets of pump gears + an outer cover, also holding the distributor etc.   
Fritz in Arizona has prototypes for the internal pump body, and only needs sufficient demand to start production. Fritz also has new sets of gears for these pumps. With outer bodies, it looks like we could have complete pumps, which must be just what Frank Wall (brother of Jim) thought, as he started making patterns for these! Stay tuned for more info on this next month.  
Oil filter adapter for Chiefs.  
Fritz also makes some other neat parts, beside the oil pumps. One of them is the neat oil filter adapter for Chiefs in the pictures to the right of here. They may not be for totally original bikes, but if you have a "rider bike" or a bobber, spin-on filter adapters don't come neater than this! Again just in prototype, but if you tell Fritz you want one, he may start making them in quantity.  
Fritz's parts are on this page. If you like what you see, please tell him! All the folks out there making parts for us really need to be told what we want. 
Chief Leaf Spring Forks. 
Jürgen Hecker will have both styles of post-1930 Chief leaf spring front forks ready shortly. 1932-39 and 1940-45. Price to be announced. 

Power Plus & Early Chief Forks. 
And as if the Chief forks were not enough, Power Plus 1918-up AND Chief forks for the 1922-30 will also be available from Jürgen Hecker very soon!

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Aluminum oil pumps  
Fritz's oil filter adapter  
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Hecker 101 forks