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  New Overdrive Transmission for Chiefs!
Hanlon Engineering has just finished fabrication and preliminary testing of a four speed constant mesh transmission for the 1932-1953 Indian Chief. This transmission has three gears with similar ratios as the OEM trans and fourth gear is overdrive. This will enable the bike to go 72 mph with the engine at 2950 rpm using a large primary sprocket and a standard high profile tire. We have designed the gear box to use the original lower case with a slightly modified top cover. In addition we have incorporated in the design a positive detent stop for each gear. This will give the rider a positive feel for each gear as shifting. (This is not a ratchet shifter). There's a link to rpm/speed plots here.  

Other features in the design are;  

Original style lower case,  all modifications are minor and restricted to the interior if the case and the top. The case top has been modified to fit the shift cam mechanism, however the style is the same as the OEM three speeds.  

Transmission is self contained and sealed when shipped. New clutch basket is included allowing the clutch to be shimmed without opening the trans case.  

No transmission gear or bearing noise at all.  

Smooth shifting up or down. No more jamming it in to gear and breaking parts. Solid detents for all gears and neutral.  

Shift pattern unchanged. One forward and three reverse with neutral between 1st and 2nd.  

Replaced woodruff key on input shaft with spline arrangement similar to Harley Davidson.   

Replaced old style spline on output shaft with involute spline.   

Provide output primary chain sprocket of your choice with trans. Choose the gear you need based on the topography of you area.  I.e. lots of hills use a 21 tooth and get power to climb in overdrive, flat as a board use a 25 tooth and get cruising speeds up to 80 mph.  

Oil fill plug in case top and magnetic drain plug in bottom. Trans isolated from clutch gear assembly and each will use different lubricants. I.e. 85-90W gear oil in the trans and HD clutch oil in the clutch assy.  

We have completed the first phase of testing and performance has been spectacular. Expect to complete testing by the end of March 2000 and begin full production at that time.   

Currently, we anticipate the first production transmissions to be ready for delivery June 2000.   

As an introductory special offer for all orders received by March 31st, 2000 you pay only $4500.00 a discount of $500 off the list price. All orders are shipped via UPS ground (included)  Place your order now to receive this savings and be the first to cruise this summer in Overdrive.  

Chief-Overdrive website here!

Our official dealership is:  

6541 Ventura Boulevard  
Ventura, CA 93003  
(805) 650-6777  
(805) 644-6448 FAX   
Website: www.cycleshop.com  
e-mail: theshop@cycleshop.com  

-As to the question of whether new clutch baskets to retrofit stock 3-speeders would be made available, Mark Hanlon wrote:  

We have no plans at this time for making the clutch fix work for the three speeds, but it is a great idea and I will work on it as a separate item. In addition, we are making new old cases from 356-T6 aluminum. I expect them to be available in 8 weeks. If someone wants to contact us directly we can be reached at:  

Hanlon Engineering, Inc.  
3185-F2 Airway Avenue  
Costa Mesa California 92626  

Phone: 714-641-4094  
FAX: 714-641-4091   
e-mail: hanlon@flash.net 

Click on pictures to enlarge.  
 Cut-away look at 4-Speed Overdrive transmission internals.  
  4-Speed Overdrive transmission parts.   
4-Speed Overdrive transmission installed.  
 4-Speed Overdrive transmission; constant mesh shifting mechanism, gears and mainshaft.  
4-Speed Overdrive transmission;  
exploded view.