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   More New Indian Parts!
New Parts from Greg Hutchinson. 
In February we had a list of Auatralian parts manufacturer Greg Hutchinson's parts, and this month there's pictures of: 

Cylinders for 101 and Standard Scout.  US$1000/set. 

Go here for the list of Greg's other parts, and stay tuned for more! 

Please note that Greg's been having some computer trouble, so if you write him and don't get an answer, have patience! 
New Parts from Jürgen Hecker.  

I must admit I find Jürgen's pace hard to keep up with, and I'm just writing about his parts, not making them! It's amazing that he can keep cranking out new stuff every month. Here's what's new this time:  
Indian4 and Scout 1920-1923  
Tool box. US$75  

Scout 101 1931  
Exhaust system, complete. US$425  

Power Plus 1918-21 
Tool box.  US$83  
Battery box. US$83  
Bracket.  US$33  
Chainguard, generator drive. US$78  

New leaf spring forks for Chief 1931-39 and 1940-45 will be ready very soon. More here 

Forks for 1918-up Power Plus and 1922-30 Chief next!  
More at www.hecker101.de