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Big Base Engine Cases  Update on the Warpath! Big Base Scout cases from Lyle Landstrom.  
Data Pages  Cam Timing, Displacement and Spark Plugs. More soon.
New 4 Speed Transmission for Chiefs!  from Hanlon Engineering.
New Fenders  Semi finished blanks for DIY (and $$ savings!).   

New Frame Castings for repairs from Jürgen Hecker.   

New Sport Scout Racing Heads -Want a set?   
More New Indian Parts  Power Plus, 101, early Scout and Chief parts.

New Indian Parts Coming Soon  Clutch plates, Bonneville Scout lifts.

VI Buyers' Club  Let's gang up to get what we want!   

VI Exchange  Parts for parts, parts for services, services... well, you get the idea. This is geared toward "Little Guy" parts manufacturers and projecteers pooling their resources for "Big Guy" results.   

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering on what choppers are.   

Editorial  Moen gets to the point.   

Going to Daytona  Cindy Gargagliano takes the bus.   
Gloriously undamped Rebound  Bob Kelley and his 101 have one.

1928 Racer  Jim Wall's 1999 Davenport race winner.   
640 Restoration  Part Five: Jim Jones' Scout is nearly there...

Restoration Guide Updates  Jerry Hatfield's change pages to make his great reference book even greater. (Warning! Long Page...)  

NZ National Rally 2001  Malcolm Brown primes us for next year's "Century" rally and racing events down under.

1998 Belgian Indian Rally  Sitting Duck (aka Caryll Chriss) goes among Belgian Indians. 

Aluminum Casting and pattern making. Lyle Landstrom shows how you can make Indian parts in your garage. Read this! It could change your life.
Babbit Bearings  Charles Qua reveals some secrets!   
Blueprint Project  This month's DIY drawing: Brake pedal spacer.   
Inside the ACE engine  Part Two of Rohan Bradney's critical (but loving!) look at early Four motivation: Oiling, crankshaft and pistons.   
Racer Corner  Jim Wall on the Dick Gross 4-Cam System!   

Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free!
Archives  Info and articles on (almost...) anything Indian here!   
Events  Upcoming Indian happenings around the world!   
Links  -to other Indian websites here!   

Photo Album  Indian Pictures!

Warpath Cases!
(Great Name! Moen)
Four Speed Transmission!
Frame castings!
640 Restoration!
Restoration Guide updates!
Aluminum Casting!
4-Cam System!
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