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    2001 Century of Indian Motocycle Rally New Zealand
   By Malcolm Brown
The dates for the 2001 "Century of Indian Motocycle Rally New Zealand" are 9th to 11th of February. Camp Adair, Hunua is booked for the event. The venue is close to both Pukekohe and Auckland but avoids all the city traffic, this being a plus for our old machines. The rally ride will be spectacular.  

Timing is one week after the Pukekohe Classic on the 2,3,4 February, where various activIties are planned to celebrate 100 years of Indian. This will include Indian vs Harley racing and  a ride of the track for all Indian motocycles. It is planned to have various activties in the week between. A campout based in a rural setting handy to Pukekohe, Hunua and of course Auckland, is offered. This is aimed at visitors from afar wishing to take in both events from an inexpensive homebase. This will be tents, caravans and a sleeping bag alley in a very flash shed .   

One other rally that precedes these events is the National Vintage Motorcycle Rally at North Shore, Auckland. This event runs 26, 27, 28 January 2001 for the rally proper and is followed by a week long organised tour to Cape Reinga [ the northern most point] via one coast, returning by the other coast and finishing at the Pukekohe Classic race meeting. All accomodations and meals are inclusive. Previous after rally tours are high on my list of great events!  

As you can see, there is plenty to offer.  We also wish to bring those Indian owners who don't generally participate in IORNZ  events "out of the woodwork." Your help in contacting these folk is greatly appreciated. Pass on our email address or forward any contact details to us. The annual Indian rallies are always a great experience and we would like the 2001 rally to be the extra special event it should be. Register your ideas and interest now. Entry forms have been circulated to some overseas people [at the Great Race]  and are available via this email (malvic@win.co.nz) now. For overseas folk: The season is mid summer, half shell open faced helmets are fine if that is what you are used to. 



Pictures from this year's rally 
by Greg Cooney