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  Project Blueprint Update
   By Dave Clements
This month Richard Chase drew a 42913 crash bar spacer that is posted here and he is working on a 75503 foot board rail for next month. Jeff Blosser is working on a chief spring fork early style and a 640 rear frame section maybe next month. Fast Jim has promised some prints. I have a lead on a 741 rear section to copy. I also am thinking of doing the 640 front section, any comments
New help: 
Edward Montoya. digital photographs.                                   

Help still needed: 
Someone to solicit old prints and obtain scans of them.  
Tech Info: 
Anyone that has thought about helping with the drawing but is daunted by the cost of a CAD program might try Mega Cad a share ware program that I found at Jeff Blosser used this to draw the 640 fork. Allthough not as neat as the topend programs and a little kludgey it produces aceptable results. 
Parts needed to copy: 
We still need a chief spring fork of the later skirted fender style.

Click to enlarge and get the complete drawing. Look here for how to print the drawings. 
Introduction to Project Blueprint. 
Drawing: 640 fork (main frame). 
Drawing: 42913 crash bar spacer. 

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