March 2000 News   
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  Qua oiler/gaiter for all Indian leaf spring models
   By Charles Qua
Made from a full grain top quality cow hide lined with a 100% Merino sheep wool felt; the only felt which can absorb a very large quantity of oil. 
Color of the leather: dark brown which will be almost black when the gaiter is oiled according to the instructions supplied with the oiler/gaiter. 
On top of this gaiter there is a well attached brass oil jar with a threaded lid engraved "oil".  
The lid has a rubber 0-ring inside. 
The gaiter has a lace up system (hooks) at the bottom side of the leaf spring and comes with a leather boot-lace. 
The Qua oiler/gaiter comes in several sizes to fit your Indian leaf spring 
like a tailor made jacket. 
In use, the oil will penetrate between the spring leaves and neutralize the decades of rust, giving your fork that soft front wheel action again, 
combined with a much more comfortable damping action. 

Price: US$ 79.00 including shipment world wide. 
Do not forget to give type and year. 

Qua leaf spring oiler/gaiter (original style).  
The Qua-oiler/gaiter can hold one and a half teacup (12 ounces) of oil.