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  New 101, Power Plus & Early Chief Parts.
Here's a selection of new parts from Jürgen Hecker's amazing range. Jürgen's own website is currently under revision, but will be online soon. Meanwhile he can be contacted at: 
Float for Schebler de Luxe Type C (30DM - US$15). Float for Schebler Model H (30DM - US$15). Venturi for Schebler de Luxe (42DM - US$21). Air blend Schebler Model H (60DM  -  US$30). See picture 1 
Alemite nipplel in Nickel (3.30DM  - US$1.65). Press head for grease pump (48DM - US$24). 
Parts list,  Scout 101 (25DM - US$12.50). Parts list, Scout 1920-26 (35DM  - US$17.50). Instruction book, english, Scout/Chief (25DM - US$12.50). Anleitungbuch, deutsch, Scout/Chief (25DM - US$12.50). Anleitungbuch, deutsch, Scout/Chief/Prince/Four (35DM - US$17.50). See picture 2 

Exhaust  Power Plus 1919-21 (685DM -  US$342.50). Exhaust  Power Plus 1912-18 (685DM -  US$342.50). Power Plus tank, tool box, battery box and oil tank with pump are coming in March! See picture 3 

Glass Bullet type, 134,5 mm, 1928-30 (55DM - US$27.50). Glass Motolamp, 168 mm, 1931-34 (65DM - US$32.50). Glass Standard lamp, 155 mm, 1920-27 (55DM - US$27.50). Glass red tail lamp (48DM - US$24). Glass white tail lamp  (38DM - US$19).  
Rear hub and brake, Chief, 1922-29, ask for price. See picture 4 

Tank, Chief,1924-29 with cups (1950DM - US$975). See picture 5 

Chainguard, Chief, 1922-29 (580DM - US$290).  
Gaskets for Scout 101, ask for price.  
Cover for Splitdorf Generator DU (60DM - US$30).  
Parts for Bosch magneto, ask for price.  
Kick starter, Chief, 1922-29 (380DM - US$190). See picture 6 

Foot brake pedal, Chief, 1922-29 (180DM - US$90).  

Hecker Frames (101, Early Chief, 4, Ace) here!

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