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741 Frame Patterns for sale!  Fancy opening up a Scout factory?   
Leaf Spring Gaiter  Fresh oil and neat looks for your leaves.   

New 101 Parts  Early Chief and Power Plus parts too!   
New Chief Parts Distributors, Bonneville valve lifts, pushrod guides and correct throttle & spark cables. 

Editorial  Moen tries to figure out what the next Step Forward should be.   

Chopper Corner  Tim Pickering on what choppers are not.   
Luddite Nation  Bob Kelley wonders why we really ride those Indians.   

Where Have All The Women Gone? Cindy goes looking for them.   


Brownie Betar  Brett Herrey writes about one of the Indian Greats. 

640 Restoration  Part Four: Jim Jones and his friend Gonzo dress up as Martians and paint the Scout (watch those fumes...). Kidding aside, this article shows how to really do it (paint, that is).   
Geronimo! Part Two of how Grizzy's highly unorthodox Chief hotrod was built on a minimal budget.   
Military Indians Stan Jessup's neat 340B + how to get into OD Indians. 
Australian National Rally 1999  John Fryirs reports.   
Great Race 2000 Indian vs HD. Warwick Ellis tells us what it's all about.   

Black Hills Odyssey  Eddie and Sheila take their Big Trip on 741s.   
Wisconsin Trip  Mike (Kiwi) Tomas does his on a '38 Chief. 
Babbit Bearings  Rob Olsen shows us how bearings for Fours are cast. Next month; machining.   
Blueprint Project  This month's DIY drawing: Crash bar spacer.   
Cleaning Engines  Mike (Kiwi) Tomas on why you don't want stray glass beads in your motor and how to avoid them.   
Evolution of the Four clutch  Charles Qua is our guide.   
Inside the ACE engine Part One of Rohan Bradney's critical (but loving!) look at early Four motivation.   
Racer Corner  Factory 648 instructions from Jim Wall!   
Thrustwasher Tech Tip  Cotten has a fix for flywheel t/w retaining pins.  

Ads  Buy and sell Indians & Indian parts for free. Tons of new ads!   
Archives  Info and articles on (almost...) anything Indian here!   
Events  Upcoming Indian happenings around the world!   
Links  -to other Indian websites here!
Leaf Spring Gaiter/Oiler
Leaf Spring Gaiter
Kiwi Indian Distributor
New Chief Parts
Brownie Betar
Brownie Betar
340B and Military Indians
 Black Hills Odyssey
Black Hills Odyssey
Wisconsin Trip
Wisconsin Trip
Inside the ACE Engine
1926 Ace Engine 
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