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    Great Race 2000
   By Warwick Ellis
Australia's premier event for classic American iron, the annual Indian vs 
Harley Great Race reliability trial, looks like being one of the biggest and best yet for 2000. After being run for the last seven years in Melbourne, 
organisers welcomed the offer from Sydney enthusiasts to host the event in 2000 and final details of next year's Great Race have now been announced. Spokesman for the Sydney organisers, Tony Blain says he's hopeful of a big turnout of quality bikes for Great Race 2000. 
"The response has been really great, and we're actually over-subscribed as far as competitors go at the moment, so it's going to be tough to pick each team," Tony told Heavy Duty Magazine. Organisers have now announced details of the event, which will begin with a static display of competing bikes and other classic machinery at carpark P6B on Herb Elliott Ave, at the Homebush Olympic site from 8 am on Sunday, March 12. Coffee and snacks will also be available and the field will assemble for departure at 9.45. From Homebush, the teams will leave in pairs in one-minute intervals along a pre-planned route that will eventually end at the Headlands Hotel, Headlands Ave, Austinmere on the coast south of Sydney, with competitors expected to begin arriving from noon.  
Spectators are invited to accompany the bikes along the route and also participate in the prize-giving and lunch at the pub. Heavy Duty will be hosting a carpark show at the pub, with $500 and other great giveaways up for grabs, so whether you've got a stocker, or show-stopper, bring it along to Great Race 2000 and we could make it more than worth your while! 
Great Race 2000 has attracted solid sponsorship from Shannons Insurance (main sponsor), supported by Heavy Duty, Redgrave Motorcycles and Jim Parker Indian, Organisers are also expecting a solid turnout of competitors and supporters from Victoria, with Melbourne Great Race founders, Dave Reidie and Peter Arundel co-ordinating a coast ride from Melbourne leaving on the Wednesday before the event. 
Organisers say Great Race 2000 will give Sydneysiders their biggest-ever gathering of classic machinery, which should be a good enough excuse for all Harley and Indian enthusiasts to get out to Homebush on March 12.  A limited run of Great Race 2000 posters are now available and Heavy Duty has managed to snare a handful for our readers. If you want to score one, call us right now on (03) 9770 9900 and tell us how many years the Great Race has been run. 
Meantime, for entrant info, Harley riders contact Tony Blain on fax (02) 
9553 7093, Redgrave Motorcycles, phone (02) 9484 9900, or Indian riders call Warwick Ellis 0418 246 108, fax (02) 9748 0337. email windian@magna.com.au
March 12, 2000 in Sydney, Australia. 
  With a little luck one of the Australian VI correspondents will get us the story on how the Race went in time for the next issue of the VI, 
so stay tuned...