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    741 Frame & Fork Patterns For Sale!
  By Moen
Do you want to open an Indian Scout factory? Or at least to supply the growing market with some parts which are becoming increasingly difficult to find as good originals? Then please consider this.  
"This" being a complete set of pattens and core boxes for all the castings of the 741B frame and forks! The only things missing are the very small casting on the top frame tube for the top engine mount and the top saddle mount, and these are already available from Michael Breeding 
Two Scout enthusiasts have commissioned the manufacture of these professional quality patterns, but have run out of funds to take them into production. Their wish is to find the patterns a "good home"; one where they will be put to use in helping all of us with new frames and parts.  
While I usually just report on my findings in the VI magazine, there's a twist to this deal.   
For the last year I have personally been trying to come up with the asking price for the patterns (as I would have loved to try my hand as frame supplier to my fellow Scouters!), but failed miserably. Not that the price is unreasonably high, just that my income is unreasonably low -and that is partly because I spend so much unpaid time on the VI, to the detriment of my small business (I do bike repair & commercial web design. Nice mix!).  

So here's the deal.  
The owners of the patterns want a Chief basket case. As complete and in as good condition as possible, of course, but they are open to any reasonable suggestions. Leaf spring model preferred.  
For taking care of the deal, I want a set of the first cast parts to come out of this. Preferably in machined state.  
Interested parties should get in touch with me at

Click on pictures to enlarge: Note: the big photos are pretty big...  
Core boxes.  
Patterns and core boxes.  
Core boxes.