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    Flywheel Workshop Intro
   By Cotten 
This workshop is a compilation of discussions from the Virtual Indian List relating to repair services on Indian crank assemblies. It is divided into two sections:  

The discussion that led up to the Flywheel Workshop deals primarily with practical theory behind motor balancing for a V-twin. The Theory part of this article is in the archives section of the VI website. You may want to go there to clarify some points on flywheel theory. Basic explanations, math and formulae, static and dynamic balancing, and a few other subjects are treated.  

The second section are 5 brief treatises I composed on Disassembly, Inspection, Preparation, static Balancing, and Assembly, which are followed by comments and discussion. The Machining step shall be subject for future discussions. 
Extensive editing was necessary to condense the wealth of posts on these subjects. Juxtaposing posts and grammatical changes have been made in order to resemble syntax. My apologies for the liberties I have taken, and to those of you whose very pertinent posts were still squeezed out.

New Chief Flywheels from Kiwi Indian 

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