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    Project Blueprint
   By Dave Clements 
The goal of this project is to create an archive of blueprints, both original and new, and to post them here so that they can be used to check original parts. This can also be used to fabricate new parts which are currently unavaliable. 
The general plan is to start the new prints with simpler parts that can be fabricated at home or by a small shop and then progress to the more difficult pieces of the frame. At the same time a separate group will solicit and scan original prints for the same purpose.  

Although this won't be a quick and easy procedure, a print of a 640 fork girder (wich certianly isn't simple) has been completed (because Moen needed one Thanks, Dave! Moen). Hopefully we will be able to remain responsive to the needs of the list. 
For the new prints we need people with cad skills, people who can trace a part and dimension it and anyone with a scanner. We could also possibly use someone to keep lists of available parts to copy and lists of needed prints and coordinate these, although I may do this myself if there are no volunteers.      

For the original prints we need people to find and obtain original prints, and  people to scan them. 

So far we are Richard H Chase (drafting), Jeff Bloser (drafting) and John Keene (scanning). 
My name is Dave Clements. I bought my first Indian basket case in 1963. I have 31 years experience as a heavy equipment mechanic. I presently specialize in chassis electrical and on-board computers on fire trucks and emergency equiptment. I only have 2 1/2 Scouts right now. I'll be the moderator of this project and I can be reached at:  

clements@la-tierra.com or phone 505-583-2488 or snail mail: 
Dave Clements, Hcr 77 Box 24, Ojo Caliente, NM 87549, USA 

 This Month:
640 Scout Forks
1. Main Fork Frame Assy
2. Right/Left Girder Assy
3. Front Arm, Left Girder
4. Fork Details
5. Horn Mount casting
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