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    Narrowing Scout Forks for Racing
   By Jim Wall
  Part Four of Jim's Racer Scout Series
Some racers narrowed the front fork on their machines. Probably to lighten them as well as stiffen them up. I have some people tell me they where 
primarily used on the mile tracks. Anyhow enough talk. 
Cut the forks apart on the inside of the leg. Grind the weld off and drive out the left over cross shaft pieces, this leaves a person with the original hole Indian used. The original cross shaft material had a 7/8"o.d with a 9/16" i.d. On my racer fork thin wall chromemolly was used instead. If you want to reuse the  original cross shaft material the top piece can be reused and possibly the bottom also if the fork is narrowed enough. If you can't reuse the lower  piece then the tack welds must be ground off the spring perch and then  sweated off. I like to use nickel silver rod to braze things back together as it is a lot stronger than regular brazing rod. 
On my fork I narrowed them to 6 3/8' wide so that I can use a BSA front hub for road racing. The original forks where narrowed to 6."  After everything is taken apart I load up everything in the fork jig and figure lengths for the cross braces as needed. I cut blocks of wood to place between the legs to keep them straight. After everything is all fitted up the spring perch is tacked, brazed to the new  cross shaft and the whole assembly tack welded in the jig. It is then removed from the jig and finish welded. 
After the fork is narrowed it can be used for measurements to narrow the fork T assembly as well as the fork crown. I used the mill and lathe respectively  to do this. Hope this info helps somebody out. If needed please ask questions.
PS: I built the jig for three cross shaft pieces so that bent forks could be 
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Narrowed forks on one of 
Jim's racing Scouts
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Fork jig
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Fork Jig
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Narowed and stock forks