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    New Indian Frames
   By Moen
Jürgen Hecker has been working overtime in his south Germany workshop and, beside the ACE parts Rohan reports on, this month he brings us: 
New 101 frames. DM2650 ~ US$1325 
New early Chief frames. DM2850 ~ US$1450 
New Indian Four frames ('29-'35). DM3950 ~ US$2050 
New ACE frames, same price as Indian Four 
New complete 101 forks. DM1550 ~ US$775 
New early Scout main forks ('22-'24, '25-'27). DM690 ~ US$355 
All US$ prices at the approximate current exchange rate. 

Jürgen's frames are identical to the original frames, but are of course made from much better modern materials. 
So who is this Jürgen Hecker anyway? Well, he is one of the most talented restorers I know; specializing in 101s and fours, and he is totally dedicated to bring us every part we may need to restore these models. Jürgen runs his business, Hecker 101, in beautiful southern Germany, where customers from many countries come to his door with their Indians for restoration. Jürgen currently has a waiting list of one year for new restorations, which must say something about the quality of his work. If it doesn't, I personally saw two of his bikes at a swap meet last year, and they were absolutely beautiful! 
Apart from his restoration business, Jürgen makes all these frames and other parts (there's another selection here, use your browser's "back" button to get back here). 
Jürgen will soon have his own website online and, I believe, his complete (and it really is complete!) parts list with prices there. Stay tuned. 
Meanwhile Jürgen can be contacted on: 
Email Hecker101@t-online.de 
Phone +49 7072 91 28 58 (dial 011 49 from the US) 
Fax +49 7072 91 28 59  
Jürgen Hecker 
Mattheus-Wagner-Strasse 41 
D-72770 Reutlingen 

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Hecker 101 frame detail 

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Hecker 101 frame 
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Hecker early Chief frame 
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Hecker 101 forks 
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101 frame detail